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July 23, 2023

The root of our dispute is I value substance over form and thus manage to learn and grow, while you cling to form and, thus, dwell in mediocrity.

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Intro : Mediocrity is not a lack of intelligence.
Mediocrity is intelligence entirely dedicated to self-preservation.

When I came back to Panama in August 2021, following my strategic retreat to Vermont(i) in March 2020 --a day before they closed the border to international flights-- I condescended and installed the virus known as WhatsApp, aka WhatsCrapp, on a toilet device(ii) because this country is addicted to it since Zuckerface and Hussein Bahamas came to Panama(iii) for Las Cumbres de las Americas in 2015. They announced it'd be free for everyone, including subsidizing the local Telecoms for data usage for marks using the virus. Zuckerface had acquired it in Q1 2014 for something like 34`483`947 BTC. Of course, everyone knows the maximum limit of Bitcoin's total supply as coded is 20`999`999.97690000 BTC and back then, in reward era 2, there was only 13-14 million in circulation, but the point is, on February 19th, 2014, 1 FRN(iv) bought 172`420 satoshi or 0.00172420 BTC, per the close price and the math comes to pass that 0.00172420 BTC times 20 billion FRNs is the 34 million and change number above.

Of course, less than a week later, on my 24th birthday, Mt. Gox, finally fessed up and said they were bankrupt. I remember this day distinctly because I went to Coinpult's office early, per usual at 5:00 am, and I had to write a letter to clients explaining while Coinapult had company funds at Mt. Gox, the company remained solvent and was able to meet obligations to clients. Happy fuckin' birthday and a warm welcome to BTC, buckshot. Of course, Erik Voorhees and Josh Rossi(v) were there, at MP's conference in Timisoara 10 months prior, where it was privately announced that Mt. Gox would be cut off for the cancer it was. Of course, I had asked Erik about Mt. Gox in July 2013, shortly after we met and he said they weren't long for the world. As you might know, Erik reported losing over 550 BTC in Gox. I was the first to see him that morning, as he was typically the second to the office after me. Of course, when the shit hit the fan in February 2014, I didn't put all these things together. As young ones tend to be, I jumped into Coinapult emotionally, because I had become disallusioned with "offshore banking" and precious metals, I was desperate to be part of a Bitcoin related something. I went for the form and didn't manage to see the substance was toxic.

Of course, with MP snuffing out another rally and saving Bitcoin, yet again, Cuckerberg could've used the Bitcoin bear market FRN's dead cat bounce of 2014-2015 as an opportunity to take that 20B FRNs and average in to reduce his cost basis over the next 2 years like his betters(vi) did before him ; he'd have been scooping some at 555`555 sats per FRN. The alert reader is invited to calculate how much Faceberg would be up if he had the foresight to put even 1/100th of what he misallocated(vii) in WhatsCrapp into the BTC. No, that 20B wouldn't have bought him all the Bitcoin anymore than Apple could've bought Russia in those days, but that META paper probably would've done a little better than losing over 90% of it's value vs BTC in the interim.


And that 90% is of course with Facederp's price being propped up all along by fiat investors who aren't allowed to buy any good stuff and shit like the plunge protection team while Bitcoin's price signal hasn't been reliable since that fateful February of 2014. Point being, on superficial analysis, WhatsApp may appear more important than Bitcoin. It has more warm bodies using it. It's probably installed on more devices that compute. Yet if you look at the substance of each, which is more powerful ? Which solves actual problems for people who matter ? Which is a copycat and passing fashion and which is an actual innovation ? Which is more disruptive ? What's more likely, that Fartbook snuffs out Bitcoin or that Bitcoin snuffs out the entire mobile revolution that WhatsCrapp is built atop of ? Consider this carefully, as if your life depends on it, because it does.

So back to the story, being who I am, I took my lumps from the slaps I righteously received, learned the pecking order and found my feet. This required humbling myself, applying myself to learning the relevant skills incumbent of any Bitcoiner worth their salt. I steered clear of the various scams presented to me and protected my reputation. Sure, I ended up staying quietly in the shadows for far too long. Nevertheless, I'm standing in the sunlight now, with clear eyes towards the horizon, where gather storm clouds full of truenyos y relampago. This has put me in a position to see risks most ignore as they seemingly insist on dwelling in the cave and spending all their attention and energy on cheering the shadows on the wall.

So when I returned in Q3 2021, I was willing to be charitable with my time and ventured into the cave and tried at length to explain the situation. I don't say this to stroke my ego ; I am willing to put my record, JWRD's record of competence, against pretty much anyone's in the world. False humility is a form of insincerity and while some may have a distaste for my form, I don't think anyone would honestly call me insincere. It's true we stand on the shoulders of giants and the world is tragically smaller than it was when we started. There are those still living who are higher in the hierarchy, such as Diana Coman and Hannah Wiggins ; I link to them regularly and we're working with them to create an environment that incentivizes people to adapt themselves to the Bitcoin mindset.

Panama has been my home for over ten years and I'd like to help it flourish in the Bitcoin age. As far as I know, I'm the eldest of the Bitcoiners left in Panama and with the cleanest record too.(viii) So I helped out when I was asked, corrected wrongs when I saw them. Upon entry to the cave, I was a lot more patient and my tone, while assertive, was softer. I was successful in bringing one person into the sunlight, sstacks, but the predictable, non-sensical, feelings-based, emotional attachment to the propaganda the enemies of Bitcoin keep pushing has persisted and I've found myself rehashing the same points, but generally in a harsher tone these days, which is rooted in being annoyed at going around in the same circle of Dante's Inferno.

Thus, I made the decision yesterday to leave the cave for good. No more WhatsCrapp groups with anything related to Bitcoin. No more calls and meetings about Bitcoin for anyone that I've already talked to who don't pay our hourly rate of 1 bitcent upfront. If you're a new prospect, sure, we can meet to discuss how we might work together. But as soon as we get to working, you'll have to pay a retainer and the meter will be ticking. Our Junto is open to the public and we're not charging for it directly --for now-- so you can attend those to eat our brains.

To make the break clean and clear, at least in my own mind, I went through some of the history of my ventures into the cave and have documented a couple of the entry points and breaking points below. I have preserved the text apart from sterilizing the evil Unicode emitted with ASCII characters and explicitly snipping references to trash. I kept names out of it because, well, the cave dwellers don't have identities in the cryptographic sense. There's no fixed point to impute any value onto. It could very well be that WhatsCrapp has been conducting a Sybil attack on me all this time. I don't think that's the case, but it can't be ruled out. Do you see my point ? If not, you can watch our presentation of the problem in our prior Junto and join us on Wednesday for the continuation.

From a WhatsCrapp PM on September 17, 2021 :

Robinson Dorion : Heya, Great to catch up a bit more last night
Robinson Dorion : Crypto freaks link ?
[Phone Number 0] : hey Man
[Phone Number 0] : Yes it was really good
[Phone Number 0] : gotta erase someone
Robinson Dorion : Filled up. Btw, sent you an email too.
[Phone Number 0] : Filled what?
[Phone Number 0] : Oh yes the group
[Phone Number 0] : I added you to the Cyberhornets one
[Phone Number 0] : It's more elite

From Cyberhornets(ix) WhatsCrapp April 22nd, 2023 :

[Phone Number 1] : OK followed this guide to be able to receive Bitcoin/Lightning payments to my company email: [email snipped] [url snipped because fuck that.] I was able to send 1 sat to this address using [derp] wallet & wallet of [herp]. This is a game changer since it makes it super easy like sending email.
Robinson Dorion : coinapult tried this, back in 2012-2014. it was not a game changer then and won't be a game changer now. people who "need" email to send a payment aren't changers and aren't in the game. you are not sending one sat. you are modifying a database that is not the bitcoin blockchain. quit abusing language already.(x) it never did anything to hurt you and here you are, regularly making it bleed. of you're going to continue, at least find some tampons(xi) so as to mitigate the leakage into the channel.
[Phone Number 0] : Robinson let people try everything they want. At least softforkers are not shitcoiners
Robinson Dorion : it's not like I'm preventing him, but no one is above criticism, me included, but especially the continual spammers.
Robinson Dorion : softforks are shitcoins and arguably worse because far less pretentious and far less damaging to bitcoin's reputation. shitcoiners know they're holding shitcoins and they are merely wrong. softforkers lie about Bitcoin and thus are evil.
[Phone Number 0] : Yes but we cannot demonize everyone like they're attacking Bitcoin wilfully because they don't agree with our vision of the world
[Phone Number 0] : People are gonna use segwit, Taproot, liquid, rsk, lightning and everything this ecosystem has to offer to find solutions to their problems however they see fit. I love lightning!! Live and let live bro, with love(xii)
[Phone Number 0] : [Send a picture from the beach, where he lives.]
[Phone Number 0] : Greetings from paradise
Robinson Dorion : if we don't demonize the demons, they grow and we create our own hell. I for one, will not muzzle myself, independent of who tells me to. "If you fail to spend enough time laughing at stupid children, you will spend all your time going to war with stupid men."
[Phone Number 0] : [Sends an image that reads : "Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive." -- Elbert Hubbard
Robinson Dorion : it's not about my vision as if it has anything to do with me or my wishes or desires. it's about what the Bitcoin protocol is and what it means. you realize you're basically telling me to quit being the leader I am, to evade the truth because some illiterate johnny come lately is comitted to staying in a state of retarded confusion ? if you want to surround yourself with such people, it's certainly your freedom to do so, but I won't save you from the rats. I've been here doing charity, offering orders of magnitude more signal to noise than anyone else. it's hard for me to express how offensive that it is other than to simply dipset.(xiii)
Robinson Dorion : and now whatsapp is deleting my buffers while I build up a message.... GOD I FUCKING HATE WHATSAPP
Robinson Dorion : I don't know who the fuck that dumbass is(xiv), but noose at 11, no one gets out alive, 'tis the great tension. the only choice you have at any given time is : culture or escapism. while the choice might exist, it's doesn't mean there are(xv) disastrous practical costs to hallucinating freedom where you you don't have it. I am not free to ignore quietly cancerous idiocy when it's presented to me and still be who I am. sure, I'll die and won't be taking my wealth with me,
Robinson Dorion : that being said, I get the message and it's actually quite liberating. I'll quit casting pearls to swine and dirtying my boots in the pig pen that is this godforesaken anal rape application. the #jwrd IRC channel will be advertised to the public in the coming days, check fixpoint for the announcement.(xvi)
Robinson Dorion : I've backuped the sqlite db and will likely be processing and publishing all my output here. while few here read me, in the actual meaning of reading, they're my words, so I might as well preserve them for posterity.(xvii)
Robinson Dorion : people who need to know how to find me. good luck.

So I left that one and from WhatsCrapp DM, April 24, 2023 :

[Phone Number 0] : Haven't even read what you wrote yet
[Phone Number 0] : Just back with the phone after hours without it but noticed you left
[Phone Number 0] : Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group: [URL snipped, I'm not going to promote it.]
[Phone Number 0] : You have the link to get in, whenever you want
Robinson Dorion : thanks, but I left deliberately and am not coming back. it's best for everyone involved.
Robinson Dorion : it's better for the people who want to read and learn from me to come to me. as far as the internet is concerned, that means, commenting on my blog, our IRC channel and Eulora2.
[Phone Number 0] : I read that
[Phone Number 0] : People already asked for you to come back
Robinson Dorion : I don't doubt it, like I said though, I'm not hard to find.
Robinson Dorion : this doesn't really undermine the conversation we had yesterday,(xviii) I still think we can work together, make each other money and improve the bitcoin market here.
Robinson Dorion : but we need to reorganize.
Robinson Dorion : I'm going to be using whatsapp less and less anyways, it's cancer.
Robinson Dorion : I need to focus on the tools we're building to cure people of the cancer.
Robinson Dorion : so that's the bottom line, you and I are still in touch, todavia tamos frenes, but we can't keep doin' what we're doing and expect different results. so I've made the change.
[Phone Number 0] : I agree. You are my friend beyond disagreements
[Phone Number 0] : Just know that
Robinson Dorion : ofi.(xix)
[Phone Number 0] : We Panamanians are rubbing too much on your Vermont ass
[Phone Number 0] : In a few years you'll be talking like a guy from the ghetto
Robinson Dorion : eh, he escuchado rabbiblancos decir ofi tambien pelao ;-)
Robinson Dorion : me siento mas y mas panamenyo ; se que siempre tendre raices de vermont, pero ya viene las frutas panamenyas.

From another WhatsCrapp group. This one was called "Panamaxis" when I joined and at some point was changed to "Satoshi's Witness", which I expressed was not a good move(xx) ; it was supposed to be even more "elite" than the Cyberhornets thingamajig, so I stayed there a lil' while, but well, the proof's in the puddin'.

On April 26, 2023 :

[Phone Number 3] : Buenas Tardes querida comunidad, quiero pedirles su opinion sobre cual de los siguientes logos les parece mas atractivo o llama mas su atencion. Solo necesito su voto con una letra segun su preferencia. El nombre del proyecto es "SATOSHI CREATIONS" y pronto estare contandoles mas.
Robinson Dorion : mejor usar tu propio nombre y hacer el trabajo que lo lleva sentido que hijack el nombre de satoshi.
[Phone Number 3] : entonces porque satoshi no uso su propio nombre? del modo en que lo veo, todos somos satoshi y cualquier que sea el proyecto para avanzar su causa de una conciencia soberana es valida y legitima
[Phone Number 3] : satoshi hasta donde todos sabemos es un seudonimo, un alias, un concepto.
Robinson Dorion : satoshi hizo el nombre satoshi. si quieres usar un seudomino, usa uno, pero su PROPIO.
Robinson Dorion : el sentimiento, "todos somos satoshi" es un enfermidad de socialismo/cristianidad y lo que bitcoin esta matando. todos somos individuales. "there is no we, there is only V." y si no sabe esta cita, debes hablar menos y lurk moar.
[Phone Number 3] : Cada quien hace lo que que su indivialidad le permita, y la mi me permite utilizar los simbolos que yo juzgue neceesarios para mi propia causa sin pedir tu aprobacion. Da la misma manera que lo han hecho muchos por milenia
[Phone Number 4] : calling algo "Satoshi Creations" does sound kind of piggy backing on the name. So far in my experience all the projects with the Satoshi in their name has been a Red Flag by itself.(xxi)
[Phone Number 3] : Son solo simbolos que se repiten y representan algo comun o una idea. Yo escojo usar lo que me sea util. Gracias por sus opiniones [emoji][emoji]
Robinson Dorion : yeah, ~everyone wants to call "themselves", "coin" "block" "bit" "chain" , anything but their own name, which is why themselves gets the "" there. it's an indication there's nothing there. you don't like the name your parents gave you cuz your dad was a drunk and your mom was dumb, fine, make us another name, but make it a human name, own it and become human already.(xxii)
[Phone Number 5 ] : No se puede pedir una opinion tranqui aqui ayala vida
Robinson Dorion :
[Phone Number 3] : Shiisss, why all the hate bro... [emoji] Are you in need of a hug?(xxiii) I asked for a simple opinion about a logo I'm working on and you come you mouth diarrhea spilling hate and insulting and you don't even know what the thing is about... I guess that what's mostly human is hate, it comes pretty natural for some... I won't take it personally, you don't even know me but I bet can only say thinks like that hiden under a keyboard.
[Phone Number 3] : A hope a good day to you all, and I wish the spirit of this community is more about growth and companionship to support one another about a common cause, freedom andsovereignty. Although it might be inevitable to always have an ass in every group [emoji][emoji] peace [emoji]
[Phone Number 5 ] : [Scamazon link to Dale Carnegie](xxiv)
[Phone Number 0] : I like the name Satoshi Creations. Satoshi as a brand has a lot of power given that it has already become a virus of the mind, a meme, an idea hope, a symbol to identify ourselves with and something much greater than merely just a person. We are all Satoshi because we resonate with the ideals. Let's find what we have in common as bitcoiners instead of what divides us.(xxv) "United We Stand, Divided We Fall." Alena Vranova the creator of Trezor named her company Satoshi Labs, for example. And it's been a great success.(xxvi) Orlando, I wish you all the best with your endeavour and hope Satoshi Creations become a tool for hyperbitcoinization. Bles
[Phone Number 0] : Bless
[Phone Number 0] : I see Satoshi in you, as you see Satoshi in me
[Phone Number 6] : Jajajaja que paso?
[Phone Number 6] : Mucho texto
[Phone Number 6] : What's the beef
Robinson Dorion : come learn ye something y parkear :
[Phone Number 0] : This is a great book
[Phone Number 10] : Amazing. Have read it(xxvii) at least 3 times [emoji][emoji]
[Phone Number 6] : ?????
[Phone Number 6] : Bruuuuuuuh jajajaja it's a fucking name. Sorry I'm late and giving my opinion now. Ignore me. @Robinson Dorion, i love you but chill.
Robinson Dorion : it's parasitism.
[Phone Number 6] : Wait so Blockstream is parasitic ?(xxviii)
[Phone Number 6] : Cause they have block in their name?
[Phone Number 6] : I didn't quite catch that
Robinson Dorion : absofuckinglutley
Robinson Dorion : from before they were even "blockstream" and gmaxwell was derping and herping in #bitcoin-otc
Robinson Dorion : they're softforkists, are they not ?
[Phone Number 6] : What have you done for bitcoin ?
[Phone Number 6] : Real question
[Phone Number 6] : Spread love
[Phone Number 6] : Jajajaja shouldn't have asked this
Robinson Dorion : the evidence is in the work pal.(xxix)
[Phone Number 6] : Instant regret
Robinson Dorion : regret counts for something.
[Phone Number 6] : [voice note saying he loves me and it's all good.]
Robinson Dorion : I don't take it personally, I understand the degree to which I am contrarian to the bitcoin lamestream, given I was quite lamestream myself, back in 2014.
[Phone Number 6] : I know you don't bruv
[Phone Number 6] : We've been here before
[Phone Number 6] : [voice note saying, "My point is that unless you're like scamming people, uhm, we're fighting the same fight and if you believe that Bitcoin layer one, Bitcoin as it was created, is enough to beat the legacy system and the other shitcoins coming and that we don't need innovation, I honestly believe you're fucking wrong, but we can have that discussion another time, not here. Anyways, love you brother, have a good night, be safe, let's grab a coffee soon and I'll tell you about what we're doing."]
[Phone Number 7] : Great point! It couldn't have been said better.
Robinson Dorion : aight. I won't go too deep, but say I differentiate subversion and innovation. evidence of blockstream's subversion is the introduction of the bitcoin inflation bug into bitcoin core's fork of bitcoin in 2015 by two of the blockstream founders, gregory maxwell and pieter wuille. softforks are subversive as well because they attempt to inject state into bitcoin that they claim overrides proof of work. read diana coman and innovation : ; she has been in bitcoin pretty much as long as them with a MUCH MUCH MUCH better track record. she beats the pants off them technically and philosophically and llikely has more money than them too. women in bitcoin looking for a role model look no further than her. she sure as shit is a role model for me. fiat is dead, there is still some heat in the body, but it was dead long ago ; bitcoin has to survive, survival is winning. it doesn't matter who is right, it matters who is left.
Robinson Dorion : the difference between our perspectives at present is you give fiatlandia far more credit than I do. I condescend from time to time and interface with fiatists and softforkers, but I never forget where the power lies.
Robinson Dorion : I realize fiatist have many many many competencies I lack and I have lots to learn from them still, but not when it comes to money and computers.
[Phone Number 0] : Hey has anyone here tried Money on Chain?
Robinson Dorion : laser ties > laser eyes.
Robinson Dorion : meanwhile, in the gift that keeps giving :
[Phone Number 0] : [sticker thing of Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys]
Robinson Dorion :
[Phone Number 2] : This group is [emoji][emoji]
[Phone Number 0] : Has its days!
Robinson Dorion : I'll be at staying next to decameron today till sunday, hit me up if you're out there.
[Phone Number 2] : If I may add my 2 sats. It's hard to build new things. To create from zero and share with the world takes balls and requires nurturing and support. You won't always get it. And if you ask for feedback be ready to receive and apply it. Even the "negative". If you feel the need to defend and fight back you're not ready. It's hard to hear but sometimes going back to the drawing board is necessary. @[Phone Number 3]
[Phone Number 2] : In Robinsons defence - if you haven't met him or read his blog it can be difficult to understand his tone and style. He's a writer and it has a very specific stylistic, it might not agree with everyone but it's definitely valuable. Read his blog and take an opportunity to connect and understand.
[Phone Number 2] : As per the "what have you done for bitcoin? @[Phone Numbe 6] It's fair to say we as leaders in this community all do our part in a space for free and strong minded people who can talk respectfully without filters or self censoring without taking shit to heart. Bottom line is we all need to level up and we help each other do it in such collectives. If you can' more and talk less.
[Phone Number 6] : Yeah I disagree. @[Phone Number 3] was asking his opinion on a fucking logo design, dude.
[Phone Number 6] : We don't even know what the business is.(xxxi)
[Phone Number 6] : But yeah- this I agree with and I instantly regretted it... Robinson's my friend and I understand his tone. Not everyone does and if you don't want to live in a society where you have to at least try and be kind to your neighbor then gtfo and go into the woods...(xxxii)
[Phone Number 6] : We are all entitled to our opinions... I tend to stay pretty fucking quiet.
[Phone Number 2] : But let's look at it this way - not referring to the logo situation- do we support mediocrity?
[Phone Number 2] : Or is it better to share all ideas freely? There is a wag to do it softly, but not everyone chooses that [emoji]
[Phone Number 6] : Read the replies!
[Phone Number 6] : We all told him we didn't like it... anyways, pasado pisado.
[Phone Number 6] : There's constructive criticism and then there's out right bashing someone for no reason,(xxxiii) going personal and that shit sets the world back.(xxxiv) But again, we are all entitled to our opinions and perspectives of the world. I personally learn a lot from all of yours, specially Robinson's. But won't sit back and witness those things.
[Phone Number 0] : Satoshi's Witnesses is a maximalist denomination group with beliefs distinct from mainstream crypto bros. The group reports a worldwide membership of approximately 47 adherents involved in evangelism of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Satoshi Nakamoto and the Cypherpunks. Satoshi's Witnesses are directed by the admins,(xxxv) a group of dudes in Panama, which establishes all doctrines based on its interpretations of the Bitcoin Whitepaper. They believe that the destruction of the present Fiat Money system is imminent, and that the establishment of the Bitcoin Standard(xxxvi) over the earth is the only solution for all problems faced by humanity.(xxxvii)
[Phone Number 0] : Yes, but the thing is we make these groups to have fun, share memes and information. And EVERY time anyone mentions lightning or liquid @Robinson Dorion comes in with 20 links that 99%(xxxviii) won't read telling you how you are wrong and know nothing, and Adam Back is a scammer and anyone who uses Satoshi name is parasitic and stuff about intellectual superiority. We get it dude you're smart and have lots of things to share. But no one is paying you to prop up your intellectual superiority.(xxxix)
[Phone Number 2] : Valid. Agree
[Phone Number 0] : It's cool sometimes Robinson and appreciate your input. Sometimes not agreeing with you but it's not what you say, it's how you are saying it that is causing people to reject the info your are generously offering. You mentioned the other day that you sometimes feel as if you are constantly casting pearls to swine [emoji] .. what does that say of how you view your peers?? Think that even the brightest shinier pearls, if thrown too violently can feel like bullets(xl)
[Phone Number 0] : You created an event and is this the invitation? Come learn something? Is that the most enticing way to provoke people to attend? I don't think so. Sounds condescending AF(xli)
[Phone Number 8] : I like bullets...

From Satoshi's Titness on July 22, 2023

[Phone Number 9](xlii) : Thank you for adding me. We all speak Spanish or English ?
[Phone Number 0] : English is preferred, we have an international crowd here and also Panamanians who speak English.
Robinson Dorion : I speak for myself, but I'd say sense is preferred to nonsense, independent of the language. Substance counts for a whole lot more than form in my book.
[Phone Number 2] : [posts so gif of Robert Downey Jr. rolling his eyes]
Robinson Dorion : there's an observation, too much noise here.

So with that, I left.

From a DM, on April 27, 2023

[Phone Number 2] : See I joined the maxi group knowing you must be there!
Robinson Dorion : heh, we'll see how long that lasts....
[Phone Number 2] : Everyone needs to level up a bit
Robinson Dorion : for sure, me included.

[Interlude of inviting her to Junto's, which she never came to, figures.]

From the DM, on July 22, 2023

Robinson Dorion : it's clear you didn't actually want to hear from me or learn from what I have to say though. no skin off my back. good luck.
[Phone Number 2] : No dude. Your attitude is so bad. I'm disappointed
[Phone Number 2] : There are other ways to learn. I'm sure you've got lots to offer. Out of respect, my sincere advice is to really get in touch with yourself. I mean that with love bro
Robinson Dorion : I'm more in touch with myself than I've ever been. the world's not puppy dogs and ice cream, bro.
Robinson Dorion : life's too short to suffer enemies of bitcoin, even if those enemies claim to be "maxi".
[Phone Number 2] : I think you are very smart. I think you have something valuable to offer. But your disrespectful tone bothers me.
[Phone Number 2] : Sometimes you're a disrespectful ass and harmful to the community you didn't built. But when you need it you're all up in there. I find it immature, and I'll call you out on it.
[Phone Number 2] : Not sure why you want to message me now. Seems those bridges are burned. But you have your reputation to worry about, and it's not a good one so far.
[Phone Number 2] : Like I said, I wish you all the best, but I'm done putting up with dumb shit.
[Phone Number 2] : [she self-censored and deleted the message]

Pretty sure she blocked me too. The point is, those groups needed me a lot more than I needed them. That's what being a competent Bitcoiner actually means. That's why Diana says we condescend when we interact with the fiatists and plenty of people with Bitcoin remain stuck in the fiat mindset. It's a piece of cake to buy Bitcoin. It's a lifelong project to adapt yourself to the Bitcoin mindset. [Phone Number 0] asked me a bunch of times what I thought about this or that. He asked me to talk to this guy or that guy to see if I thought they were scammers. I did it. I'll still do it, but not for free. I wasn't in there cause I liked it. I was in there to do a job, to monitor, to be an immune response against scammers and con men. Yeah, there was some hope the value I demonstrated would lead to people taking our training and leveling up their skills and getting into our network. We got one and I got clarity. They squandered that opportunity for free advice in their savage cave called WhatsCrapp, they drove me away.

Kinda of like how Ira Miller drove me an Jacob away way before he pivoted to the scam "Guld" he ran in 2017-2018. Which is how I met [Phone Number 0] as he was working for Ira's scam and I went to a coupla events to do some due diligence. I asked some pointed questions at those events, but Ira had surrounded himself with a bunch of yesmen still high off the 2017 bubble that they missed out on for the most part. [Phone Number 0] got out relatively early, before it completely imploded, but not without blood on his hands and some relationships rekt. He called me the day he left, he was willing to hear more about what I had to say, we bonded a little over it.(xliii)

Anyways, clearly the relationship has failed to develop. I can relate to them, I understand fully why they want what they can't have and why it's hard to see why they can't have it. I have walked in their shoes. Jacob has too. You know he thought Gavin's big block proposal was a decent idea, way back in Q2 2015 ? Nevertheless, he was willing to listen and help me do the due diligence to understand exactly why it was a terrible idea. I helped him with the politics, he helped me with the tech. We had to work to sort out the pecking order, to drop all sorts of misguided notions we had held, some of which were held vehehehery deeply. Now we relate to each other closer than our blood relatives can relate to us. But the people who don't do the due diligence, can't relate to us, because they refuse to do the work. They refuse to learn the language. They refuse to tread down the path we're blazing, to help us settle the frontier. They're struttin' around foggy bottom dressed like cowboys talk'n with an accent, but it's all hat no cattle. So the relationship is only one way and therefore, it's not a relationship. Subsidizing a non-relationship, prevents, suffocates the potential for an actual relationship to develop.

I think at least a part of the problem is they are interacting with me via the pacifier they call smart phones, but we call cancer phones. They're so used to it being a dopamine drip that when some conflict enters their noggin through it, they go into cognitive dissonance. They don't want it to be a source of education, they have it so they can escape education and feel good doing it. IRC probably won't be a supportive enough environment for them to detox, it'll have to be Eulora2. "The medium is the message," and all that jazz.

So I've walked away. Not too far, for now, I'm not hard to find, for now, but there is some work you'll have to do to compete for my attention, which you can probably afford, for now. For one, you're going to have to get over yourself and the form in which I communicate. It really is a mental disease to value form over substance, such as filling your face with sugar instead of meat is going to lead straight to metabolic disease. You'll note though that "the gunz come out" like track 15 of The Massacre only when I think you're slacking. Only when I see you committing the same mistake repeatedly. It's really only to appeal to the higher form of your consciousness that knows better. It's not because I want to be mean, but because you're showing contentment reverting to the mean. And it's not a given they'll come out every time either, I can be quite patient when I see effort and progress is being made.

In closing, since I learned at age 21 the maxim, tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito, I've been committed to manifesting it. If you continue manifesting evil, we'll continue to have a problem. If that's the path you want to go down, good luck, you'll need it, but it still won't be enough because you're fighting a battle you're not equipped to win because you don't even know you're fighting it or what you're fighting. You're not a rebel, you're a barbarian. You feel like you can leech of Bitcoin passively, because your fiat upbringing you dwell in trained you into a learned helplessness, but that's the road to Zimbabwe, for :

There isn't, nor is there going to be a way, manner, instrument or device through which to protect the passive from the active.

So get crackin'.

Outro : Evil broadly consists of people who aren't very good and don't want to get any better.

  1. Where there's less zombies and I had more guns, you know, for protection against the zombies. [^]
  2. A device I use with no expectations of security. There is nothing important on there, so I'm relatively liberal using it, i.e. I'll install the various viruses like whatsapp or zoom to allow me to communicate with individuals who might have the capacity to become people, but haven't yet matured to that point. I'll connect it to untrusted networks such as cafes and given the enlightened design of my network, I connect it to my untrusted network at headquarters so there's a low probability a compromise of a toilet box can lead to a compromise of a trusted machine and, of course, the offline machine provides yet another buffer that increases costs an attacker has to sink into hacking me for any real value. [^]
  3. I evacuated for Playa Venao that week. [^]
  4. Federal Reserve Note, because, whether you're aware of it or not, the shit they call dollars that circulates these days isn't lawful money, but trademarks of a criminal organization. [^]
  5. Erik was a Coinapult shareholder, Josh an employee [^]
  6. Yes, being there earlier means being better. It at least means the elders were stronger, but not necessarily smarter. Luke-Jr, for example, was there before Jacob and I, but no one with a clue, by the definition of what having a clue means, would conclude he's smarter* or more accomplished.
    ___ ___
    * Where I want to link my unwritten article about the village idiot finally being liberated of the last of his lottery winnings. Shame on me for my retardation. Retardation aside, we're still ahead. [^]
  7. He and his USG masters are probably marking it as a huge success because it allows them read everything that passes through it and its designed to be defeated encryption. They only tell you it's encrypted to give you a false sense of security, so you'll be more transparent. It's a success at most in their own 'minds', because as the man explained, the surveillance state tries to survive the Internet age by the doomed strategy of approaching the urban vs rural dispute from the wrong end. [^]
  8. If you've been around longer and more consistently than me and we've somehow not met, I'd love to have a coffee and cake or a steak or a steak with coffee and cake after and get to know you, my treat. [^]
  9. Whatever da fuck that means. [^]
  10. Phone Number 1 is a serial spammer and this wasn't the first time I corrected him. [^]
  11. Can't one have a little bit of fun ? [^]
  12. You'll find this 'love' thing as a regularly parroted pattern, yet somehow no one wants to show the researched perspective any love. [^]
  13. UD has my meaning as the first definition, "a word to be used when leaving the scene." [^]
  14. Referring to Hubbard. [^]
  15. aren't* [^]
  16. Published here. [^]
  17. Didn't get around to that yet, but I supposed I'm making steps in that direction with this article. [^]
  18. He was in the middle of a fast and was talking to be about it, given my experience. [^]
  19. I got lazy here because there are some disagreements that end friendships. Or expose certain relationships that one thought were friendships as not friendships at all. I don't think there is anyone that actively attacks Bitcoin, whether they're aware of it or not, that I could honestly call a friend. It's really too important and I can't justify subsidizing enemies of Bitcoin, especially if we've spoken at any length about it or they've read me. Channeling the inner Big Lebowski and saying, "well, that's like, your opinion, man," isn't an out. You can try showing where I'm wrong, from a technical and political level, but if you fail to do so, yet continue to work against Bitcoin, you're evil and we can't be friends. [^]

  20. Robinson Dorion : fwiw, even though I describe myself as a bitcoin realist when people ask me if I'm a "maxi" , I prefer the name "Panamaxis" to "satoshi witness". the original name has more local flavor, it has panamax for the ships going through the canal to repesent the expansion of global commerce right there, which is what bitcoin is doing too, expanding global commerce.
    Robinson Dorion : way harder to remember satsho witness. it's way too whitebread.
    Robinson Dorion : "did I say it in satoshi witness or satoshi whiteness ? dang, how can I keep all these same sounding names straight...."
    [Phone Number 2] :: The boss gets to decide. It's not a democracy [emoji][emoji]
    Robinson Dorion : noshit.jpg ; if it's a good boss, he listens to reason. if he doesn't he's not a boss.


  21. Erik's SatoshiDice, traded on MPEx as S.DICE wasn't a scam and paid out tens of thousands of BTC as dividends, but apart from that, dude's pretty much on point. [^]
  22. Maybe that was a little harsh, but it was funny, wasn't it ? C'mon, you're going to tell me you didn't laugh a little bit ? Even out of surprise ?! For one thing, you know it didn't come out of some chatbot. How's that for AI resistance ? [^]
  23. This is a tell for cognitive dissonance, trying to read my mind. [^]
  24. Since MP-WP select doesn't work on comments, and the bit I'm after is in a long comment, let's quote it here :

    So, why do these people whine ? Why, for lack of masters. And why the lack of masters ? Why, because mastery is demanding and expensive and rare, and worst of all elective. Consequently the day the poor become uppity that place is doomed, for the actual masters leave, and the fakers can but run it into a wall. You'll easily know the fakers, too : they encourage whining in all forms but especially as substitute for action. Or to put this concept in a different perspective, there's two kinds of leaders in this world, and always have been. On one hand there's the kind that's shared by all emperors brought to the purple through acclaim of the troops (with few exceptions towards the end). On the other hand there's the kind that derives from that wholly American heresy known in its later forms as "How to Win Friends and Influence People". There's the master that works you and there's the master that flatters you. The master who's your master because you know he's better than you (and are glad for it) and the master who's your master because you think you're better than him (and are sad for it!)

    I read the Carnegie pulp when I was 20 or so and fucking HATED it. Primarily because of how he exalts scum of the earth socialists like FDR and Dishonest Abe who did more to destroy capitalist, republican America, than anyone, apart from Greenfin, perhaps. Hard to say who of the three is worse, but I propose that they're henceforth called the Troglodyte Troika. Self proclaimed Bitcoiners trying to turn me on to the Troglodyte Troika ? Psshhaw, as Xzibit put it, "bitch please, you must have a mental disease..." [^]

  25. What he fails to acknowledge is, what divides us will ruin him. I say what I say to try to prevent Phone Number 0 from getting scammed, YET again. First it was "Master Nodes as a service" that went to zero. Then it was "teh blocktree" that went to zero. He recovered, to a degree, from those. There's unlikely to be a recovery from promoting the softfork attacks against Bitcoin. Bitcoin will be fine, those who promote the attack against it, will never be foregiven. This is no threat, it has nothing to do with me. This is simply the plain reality. Bitcoin plays for keeps and if you get in its way, it'll be the end of you. [^]
  26. It has been a great success in weakening key security, giving people a false sense of security and spying on lusers who use it and thus advancing the attacks on Bitcoin fungibility. It has been great for Bitcoin's enemies. Alena Vranova might as well go ahead and change zher name to Georg Ritter von Flondor. [^]
  27. Carnegie's drivel. [^]
  28. He works for a stooge that used to work at Blockstream, who worked for the broomstick before that. I tried to warn him... maybe it's not too late to get out, but... that's the situation. [^]
  29. Here's some enlightenment :

    dorion: jfw is expecting to finish the offline side of Gales Bitcoin Wallet this week, so his development plate will be clearing a bit. He has an unpublished patch to trb to simplify the build system on Gales, so checking/working with mod6 and getting his patch published could be his next priority. Among other simplifications
    dorion: I'll let him show and tell, his patch removes the whole rotor orchestra since Gales is musl static anyway.
    mircea_popescu: << thanks fucking god for that.
    ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-17 18:32:47 dorion: I'll let him show and tell, his patch removes the whole rotor orchestra since Gales is musl static anyway.


  30. Trailer Park Boys Space Weed scene. [^]
  31. I don't have to know the business to know the importance of la firma. [^]
  32. Pretty sure I started off nice and constructive and then the logo d00d got all butt hurt and spewed socialist nonsense, so I escalated, wut. Good fences make good neighbors. He hadn't said anything since, which in my mind, is a win. [^]
  33. I had reason [^]
  34. Negating negatives makes a positive. [^]
  35. FTR, I was never an admin. heh. [^]
  36. Wut saifedean, the "bla-bla peddler full of air and nothing much besides it" called his kindling. Kindling, not something to read on the Kindle, but something to be used to start a fire. What else would it be good for ? [^]
  37. I don't know why I didn't leave right then and there. WTF, all problems ? Give me a fucking break, Bitcoin is a tool, not some silver bullet for all problems. Clearly isn't solving the problem of computer illiteracy for these marks. Thye could use it to become literate, if they apply themselves, but instead of learning to shoot the bullet, they're apparently using the bullet as a butt plug. Hahaha, I crack myself up sometimes. Aaaaanyways... [^]
  38. I'd actually be happy with 1%. Bitcoin is for the select few, the elite, not the many, after all. [^]
  39. Intellectual superiority doesn't need propping up, it stands on its own. Again, they seem to feel I'm doing it for myself, that I like doing it. Does the teacher like when the student keeps forgetting basic shit like how to carry the 1 ? The teacher doesn't continually correct you to inflate his ego, he does it in the hope you'll learn the lesson, learn to count how many days it has been since the last 'regla' and the class can move onto shit like multiplication, or horror of horrors, geometry or algebra or calculus or statistics before you're full of gray hairs. Talk about arrogance. They're somehow "better people" cuz they don't say shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker or tits, but meanwhile fail basic reading comprehension. Not because they can't read, but because they refuse to read, because reading is scary or something. Because scrolling the USG's dopamine drips of twatter, youboob and instaface feel better. Yeah, it can be scary to read Trilema, so the fuck what. So is the ongoing collapse of the dollar. The point is, wut do ? Prepare to strengthen yourself and your friends, or splash "happily" in the water like sitting ducks ? [^]
  40. Ya'll aren't my peers, not for not being capable, but for not earning Peerage, which is what I am trying to help people do. If you're a peer, let me peer your node ? No node ? No a peer. No RSA key ? Not a peer. [^]
  41. I didn't reply to those at the time.. was at the beach and was busy when I returned I guess.

    Respect is something that's earned and the modernist escapism that, "everything that crawled out of women deserves respect," is the disaster of the commons that sunk the western world. The respect/condescend disjunction is translated to English on Ossasepia.

    Anyways, the Junto is supposed to be enticing for the people who want to learn. It's for the people that read the article, realize it's an interesting topic, read about the background of the group. It's not supposed to be enticing for people who want to get drunk or talk about shit that doesn't matter like if lightning is better than liquid or whether the Cowboys beat the Yankees or if Charizard beats the Ninja Turtles or whatever escapism. There is no time for people who don't want to learn or grow, they are not the needed and can rot in the gutter for all we care. Life is too short and there is too much to do to suffer them. [^]

  42. Apparently the d00d is traveling through various countries spending softfork coin. [^]
  43. Sidenote : I also told him something about his* family history that he didn't know. He shares the last name of 3 brothers who were Venetian Doges that recognized the Sovereignty of Charlemagne and invited his son, Carloman, aka King Pepin of Italy, to occupy Venice.

    The Venetians saw this as treachery** and entrusted the defense of the lagoon to a certain Agnello Participazio. Pepin was determined to starve them out and when the Venetians learned of this, they bombarded the enemy with bread. The siege lasted 6 months, but when spring turned to summer, malaria started to spread and Pepin withdrew. A short while later, Pepin was dead. Pepin gone, the Venetians took care of the treacherous. That was the year 810 and no one really came as close to threatening La Serenissima until Napoleon, who ultimately took Venice, but sometime after, which you'd know if you can carry the one.

    The point being, story time helped us bond and softforks are treachery against Bitcoin. Two, the two points being story time helped us bond and softforks are treachery against Bitcoin and it's not too late to correct course. Three, the three points being story time helped us bond and softforks are treachery against Bitcoin and it's not too late to correct course. You might not be expecting the Spanish Inquisition, but nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

    It won't be an easy thing to do. It'll be hard to backtrack and tell people you told about segwit and multisig and the hardware dildo "wallets" that you were wrong, but you can still do it proactively and you know of a solution and they can salvage their coins. It will be a lot worse if you wait until it's too late and they come to you all upset. It'll be hard to be proactive, sure, but take heart that it is simple. In any case, clocks are ticking, tick tock there goes another block.

    ___ ___
    * Who knows if there's actual a blood link, it was 1200 years ago for chrissakes.
    ** Dante reserves the Antenora for the treacherous. [^]


  1. The intro and outro are Trilema bylines.

    Comment by Robinson Dorion — July 24, 2023 @ 03:41

  2. If this description is not just pulling one's leg, they are literally aiming for a church there, huh. Basically you got tut-tutted at for whistling and saying bad words in church, mazel tov!

    It quite fits too, what with all that cheap 'love' that is always - somehow! - just conveniently matching what the proponents prefer at any given time, never ever requiring any actual effort or change and turning out, unsurprisingly, entirely ineffectual should one ever need some concrete help (though they'll get plenty more loving-words thrown at them, for sure). As if this sort of convenience-by-another-name is what love even is to start with. Then again, I suppose this sort of 'love' mirrors quite well the cheapness of what goes for 'hate' nowadays, that negligible service that could be had for the cost of a parrot. Basically there are love-parrots and hate-parrots, one group goes to parrot-church 1 and another group goes to parrot-church 2. I suppose the saving grace in here is that bots are perfect church goers and they can even go to all churches at the same time, they are quite inclusive, like that.

    From one perspective though, it makes perhaps some sense as a quite desperate attempt to overturn the tide, to get on the right side of it through just another rehash in the bitcoin context of that old mystical entrepreneurship approach as an attempt to solve the tension of modernism giving way to traditionalism. Fundamentally offering prayer and religious service (that's also always and forever branding itself as 'love', isn't it) to the very, very cold new god of bitcoin. It couldn't be more mismatched if it tried, seeing how bitcoin is just pure and definitive Maths, with all the emotions of entirely abstract thought but well, they are offering what they can and they 'help' one another by propping up their hopes - especially those in dire need of propping up - as much as possible, indeed. Without such support by the group, who knows, at least some of them might have to give up unsustainable hopes and gain instead some sustainable and concrete results. Very unloving perspective on it, I'm sure.

    Fwiw, I find their brand of 'love' extremely offensive and certainly more offensive than any crude words or expression can ever be.

    Comment by Diana Coman — July 27, 2023 @ 06:22

  3. WTF, all problems ? Give me a fucking break, Bitcoin is a tool, not some silver bullet for all problems. Clearly isn't solving the problem of computer illiteracy for these marks. Thye could use it to become literate, if they apply themselves, but instead of learning to shoot the bullet, they're apparently using the bullet as a butt plug.

    The Brightest Pearl Butt Bullets, totally a great name for a band.

    Otherwise, it recalls to mind this reply. Despite the theory of bitcoin creating a clean & crisp learning environment for finance [another trilema ref presently eluding me] not to mention computing and other skills, and incentivizing it with all the carrots and sticks one could ask for, it nonetheless has a poor record of successfully changing anyone, at least on its own.

    Comment by Jacob Welsh — August 1, 2023 @ 05:04

  4. @Diana Coman

    just another rehash in the bitcoin context of that old mystical entrepreneurship approach

    That story definitely call to mind the cab drivers here, who will "offer", unsolicitedly, how the Canal makes some money and they crawled out of mother's cunt on this here land bridge and thus, it's "wrong" they don't get a piece of the cake too. They of course never worked for it in any way and are already , in all cases, indirect and in many cases direct beneficiaries of it, but the reason they're poor isn't cause they suck and would rather drink shitty beer and listen to terrible music on weekends rather than read blogs and develop marketable skills, but because the rich people steal. Sure, politicians certainly skim of some cream, but the few of them taking what they can get their hands on isn't any better than or morally justified than spreading it around for the many to fritter away. No.

    as an attempt to solve the tension of modernism giving way to traditionalism.

    Right, and hence all the cheap love, only god can judge, etcetera piled so very high in the Christian dogma. They'd like claim Christianity is "traditional" and "important" for the development of "western civilization" "joyously" ignorant to the fact that poison ruined both antiquity and modernity.

    Fwiw, I find their brand of 'love' extremely offensive and certainly more offensive than any crude words or expression can ever be.

    Word, apropos, cu cea mai mare placere, care de fapt se rostogoleste destul de frumos de pe limba.

    @Jacob Welsh

    another trilema ref presently eluding me

    I kind of doubt this is the one you were going for, but it came to mind. Or maybe it was the next footnote from the same article, quoting an evergreen tardstalk post from hanbot ? Or maybe the fateful closure ?

    Comment by Robinson Dorion — August 1, 2023 @ 16:56

  5. whaack noted I made an error in linking to The Whet, it's fixed now.

    Comment by Robinson Dorion — October 2, 2023 @ 20:08

  6. [...] One could place the untrusted device next to a source of white noise for extra protection. [↩]Whatscrap, Noise- I mean Signal, and Shillegram promise end-to-end encryption, but even if you trust their [...]

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