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September 26, 2022

Little by little, a little less retarded.

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I've left Dorion Mode deafeningly silent for far too long, at least to my own ears. I've had fits and starts at new articles, but similar to times before(i), the vast majority remain unfinished and unpublished. An upside is I won't be starting from zero, so getting some articles published and improvements implemented soon shouldn't be far off.

To help myself back on track, I'll follow the time tested strategy of paying proper attention to the boring and take up the practice of publishing plans and reviews. For this week then :

  • Dream(ii) Journal : 10 mins first thing upon waking, maybe, some day, some end up turning into articles. ;
  • Exercise : 30-45 mins each morning ;
  • Writing : 90 minute block after exercise. Maybe an afternoon session too, but let's start here ;
  • JWRD tech : 3 hours to prepare a Thinkpad from inventory for a sale in pipeline ;
  • JWRD sales : 30 hours scattered across lunch meeting Tuesday and networking event Tuesday evening, following up with prospects in pipeline, open new leads, document in CRM ;
  • Daily review : 30 mins per day, document what I did each day with a comment here, that should make the weekly review easier.

A key will be to mitigate distractions and focus on prosecuting the decisions I've made. There's no real need for news/external input before noon and probably full days can be passed without much at all ; if it's important, I'll hear about it soon enough. If I'm going to read something, read some Trilema, #ossasepia logs and/or younghands.

In any case, whether a person's words mean exactly how they read, or the opposite depends on what they do ; so let's wrap this up for now and see how I can improve hour by hour, day by day to be a teeny tiny little bitty baby bit less retarded and let compound interest take care of the rest.

  1. And even with substantial help at times from friendly minds on editing drafts. [^]
  2. I've been trying out the so called Carnivore diet for about 2 weeks now. Basically, eating only animal foods, no plants. I had so-so dreams prior, but now I'm getting at least 2-3 pretty clear dreams per night. I want to start developing the skill of lucid dreaming and from what I've read, keeping a journal of your dreams is an important first step. [^]


  1. After publishing this Monday afternoon I :

    1. Wrote the article in tribute to MP : 2 hrs
    2. Spoke w/ family : 75 mins
    3. Went to cigar lounge to meet some friends/potential business contacts/clients : 4 hrs

    Today I :

    1. Recorded dream : 10 mins
    2. Exercise : back and legs resistance bands : 40 mins
    3. Errand : 15 mins
    4. Cook : 20 mins
    5. Eat : across 2 big meals : 50 mins
    6. D-M Write : not the most productive, mainly knocking off rust and figuring out what I want to pick up. Re-read and extracted some #o log in preparation for that old review : 90 mins
    7. JWRD MGMT : draft weekly report for enterprise client, receive and incorporate feedback from Jacob : 60 mins
    8. Call w/ enterprise client : 10 mins
    9. Investment Research : read materials wrt local venture : 30 mins
    10. E-correspondence : chatting w/ various people : responding to some questions, organizing meetings, making some introductions : 2 hrs
    11. Networking event : met some new people, strengthened some existing contacts, stayed sober : 5 hrs
    12. Review day : 25 mins

    Not the greatest time tracking in the moment, but got'er done between returning from networking and sleep, something to build from. Feliz noche.

    Comment by Robinson Dorion — September 28, 2022 @ 05:22

  2. Yesterday I :

    1. Dream Journal : 10 mins
    2. Exercise : Shoulders Resistance Bands, 25 mins
    3. D-M Write : continued re-reading/extracting #o log, also some existing drafts, lots more rust to knock off, 90 mins
    4. Cook : 25 mins
    5. Eat : across 2 big meals : 50 mins
    6. JWRD sales : had a coffee with a prospect, 2.5 hrs
    7. JWRD sales : shipping quote for hardware, invoice, reply to inquiry, 90 mins
    8. JWRD sales : follow up with new contacts, 2 hrs
    9. Chat w/ JFW : feedback on development of a new gport, 1 hr spread out
    10. Meet a girl : 4 hrs

    3 nights out till 11 is adding up. Need to go to bed at sane hour tonight and keep better track of time spent during the day. Re-reading this article every morning will help.

    Comment by Robinson Dorion — September 29, 2022 @ 16:18

  3. Today I :

    1. Dream Journal : 10 mins
    2. Exercise : Mobility + Chest + Core : 40 mins
    3. D-M Write : more re-reading, thinking, outlining. not producing something publshable is starting to annoy : 90 mins
    4. Cook : 20 mins
    5. Dishes : the help just returned from a couple weeks away, so this and the above should be snipped soon : 20 mins
    6. Eat : 3 meals, 35 mins
    7. JWRD sales : commited notes to CRM : 3 hours
    8. Read Trilema : Re-read SOPS article and You have no potential for first time, got onto those from #o log : 60 mins
    9. File Management : Organized some files/directories and did a backup. Didn't plan on it, but filled time as waited on Latino misconception of time.
    10. Chatting : 90 mins-2 hrs , reading some chatrooms, responding to various invitations, organizing some plans for the weekend.
    11. Emails : 35 mins
    12. Reviews : of yesterday and today : 35 mins

    Getting better with lots of room to improve, these reviews are helping, "nobody could've predicted", FFS, OMFG. Well, "Better late than pregnant." I suppose.

    Comment by Robinson Dorion — September 30, 2022 @ 04:05

  4. Congrats for getting back on the wagon!

    In boring points, I hope that help will be doing the dishes more than once per four days of cooking (if I interpret correctly) ! My own ideal, usually achieved, is that everything is squared away before going to bed; the dishes air-dry overnight and each day starts fresh with a clean, supportive environment. Not like it takes much more time or attention than letting it stack up, yet the time becomes more predictable & habitual, and it pays dividends in not being constantly in your own way (just to name one benefit).

    I'm a bit jealous of the cooking seemingly always coming under 25 minutes; I guess that's an upside of the carnivore regimen.

    Comment by Jacob Welsh — October 3, 2022 @ 17:11

  5. [...] and re-reading since about January 2015 and still not through it all. I might be a little bit retarded and at times distracted, but more likely than not because it's likely the most vast and certainly [...]

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  6. Congrats for getting back on the wagon!


    I hope that help will be doing the dishes more than once per four days of cooking (if I interpret correctly) !

    It was the time tracking that was lacking, not the cleanliness, lol.

    I'm a bit jealous of the cooking seemingly always coming under 25 minutes; I guess that's an upside of the carnivore regimen.

    Yeah, between frying eggs and sticking meats in the oven after seasoning, doesn't take too long.

    Comment by Robinson Dorion — October 3, 2022 @ 21:37

  7. It was the time tracking that was lacking, not the cleanliness, lol.

    Cool, then it might be other inhabitants of my present environment that caused the response, who have inexplicably not asked for my opinions on the subject!

    Comment by Jacob Welsh — October 4, 2022 @ 18:32

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