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October 25, 2019

Taking my blogging lumps and asking for help.

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I made the claim in the #ossasepia forum that it'd take me five articles to cover my intellectual and ideological development from 2010 to the present to be delivered by Sunday, October 27th. The periods I had privately outlined were:

  1. January 2010-January 2012: Extracting toxic university from my life as an intellectual awakening.
  2. January 2012-January 2014: Starting at the ground floor of a startup bank I thought was changing the world, while moving to foreign lands with a stranger who became a brother.
  3. January 2014-March 2015: After identifying Bitcoin as a parallel system without the inherent flaws of fiat financial system, taking a job with what turned out to be a fiat company pretending to Bitcoin, Coinapult (archived).
  4. March 2015-May 2016: Reading about Actual Bitcoin Corporations, and a whole lot else, while becoming rapidly disillusioned with my work with a another pretender, a software consulting spin-off from Coinapult, Deginner (archived).
  5. May 2016-October 2019: Investing in what I believe to be a strong technological arm, while keeping the political arm in a cast by embodying the coy failure modality to presently working to eviscerate the inner coyote.

I published the first article Sunday evening, which clocked in at just over 3k words, going by the mp-wp counter.

As Diana Coman noted: dorion: your text is quite dense and at times touching on several directions at once but at any rate, it seems useful to you especially if you never took the time before to look at it all in a more structured way.

It was useful for me and my thought had been, I'll work through getting these dense, multi-directional articles out, then recurse to drill into the density of the various topics as I develop the blog. Fast forward to 2.5k drafted words into article number two by Wednesday noon. While I managed to describe the trials and tribulations of settling into a foreign land and the weak asset custodial structure that lie at the foundation of Euro Pacific Bank, I wasn't even half way through my outline. Is this about to explode into a 5-6k word article ?

Two thoughts then came to mind, the first being, "is this compressed memoir path I chose a continuation of the coy avoidance of conversation?" ; that is, the stupid internal protection mechanism I've submitted to Young Hands to help kill. After all, in an article, the author is in control of the information flow, while in a conversation, questions can and will be raised midstream to disrupt the flow.

The second being, the point / focus of submitting to being a Young Hand is sustainable growth. Is 15 or even 10k blog quality words in a week remotely sustainable for the blogging n00b I am? While I'm satisfied(i) with my first article, it was Dunning-Kruger stupidity to think I'm going to write quality articles in a dense multi-directional fashion at a sustainable pace given I've not scratched with regularity, let alone mastered, the simple article.

Where does this leave me then ? While I've not yet properly outlined the article list(ii) of chewable chunks to document my past 10 years(iii) and thus, have yet to make an estimated delivery time, I am committed to finishing the job at a sustainable pace. In terms of my Young Hands application, I infer this failure means I've lost whatever control I had of the process and it's now in Diana Coman's choice. I would gladly accept to provide her context about me through conversation as Jacob Welsh did, but that carries its own costs to her. In the meantime, this is me failing forward by attempting to act out the Page Boy's Pledge.

"So help me my own intelligence and cursed be my own stupidity that is holding me back."

  1. Given my noo0b level. [^]
  2. Since my priority presently is to make note of my failure. [^]
  3. Which must also pull in prior context. [^]


  1. Making the log-to-blog bridge for context and future reference:

    diana_coman: dorion: so I gather your original outlines on which you based the estimate "5 articles by Sunday" was that list there?

    diana_coman: the list

    dorion: diana_coman "there", as in, had I written it ?

    diana_coman: dorion: is there more to those fabled outlines than the list of topics you published in this last post?

    dorion: not that I can immediately produce, I hand wrote them and not very well. as I got into the 2nd post, I realized there was more I wanted to say.

    diana_coman: dorion: can you type them in and publish them in a single post by Sunday ?

    dorion: diana_coman that I can do.

    diana_coman: dorion: then do that and we talk on Tuesday evening.

    dorion: diana_coman: thank you.

    diana_coman: yw

    dorion: diana_coman fwiw, towards the end of the taking lumps, it occured to me that writting the article itself may be a further continuation of the original coyness, but went ahead with publishing. was it better for you that I wrote it there rather than coming to the channel first ?

    diana_coman: dorion: yes, it was better as I could see what you had and where you were; and take heart, you do at least make it quite hard for people to *not* want to work with you.

    dorion: heart taken, sincerely, thank you.

    dorion: (not that my other comments haven't been sincerely)

    diana_coman: dorion: yw; and don't worry, I got what you meant there.

    dorion: :)

    Comment by Robinson Dorion — October 25, 2019 @ 18:59

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    Comment by Robinson Dorion — January 13, 2020 @ 20:47

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