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May 30, 2021

Romanian 1, Practice 10

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I practiced exercise 10 this morning. It's a ~30 minute session of listening and speaking building on the previous practices. I learned how to issue the listen command and the word for water. There was an intro to actions in the future with : going to + infinitive. Furthermore, that my spelling of take (lua) in the second person plural was incorrect in prior exercises --I kept the present, first person singular ! And then there was mult, as in much, which was suffisant pour aujourd'hui ;)

Asculta din nou.1

Voi bea niste apa.2

As dori sa cumpar ceva.3

Ce ati dori sa cumparati ?4

Voi manca.5


Spuneti-mi ati dori sa lauti pranzul cu mine acum ?6

Cund voiesti manca ? La trei ? La patru ? La cinci ?7

Nu intelegeti, doresc sa iau pranzul. Acum, nu mult mai tarziu. Da sau nu ?8

Da, dar nu acum.9

La revedere.10

  1. Escuche otra vez.
    Ecoute encore.
    Listen again. []
  2. Voy a beber algun agua.
    Je vais boire du l'eau.
    I will drink some water. []
  3. Me gustaria comprar algo.
    Je voudrais acheter quequel chose.
    I'd like to buy something. []
  4. Que le gustaria comprar ?
    Que voulez-vous acheter ?
    Que quieres comprar ? []
  5. Voy a comer.
    Je vais manger.
    I will eat. []
  6. Digame, le gustaria almorzar conmigo ahora ?
    Dit moi, voudriez-vous dejeuner avec moi maintenant ?
    Tell me, you don't want to lunch with me now ? []
  7. Cuando vas a comer ? A las tres ? A las cuatro ? A las cinco ?
    Quand vas-tu manger ? A trois ? A quatre ? A cinq ?
    When will you eat ? At three ? At four ? At five ? []
  8. No entiende, quiero almorzar. Ahora, no mucho mas tarde. Si o no ?
    Vous ne comprenez pas, Je veux dejeuner. Maintenant, pas beaucoup plus tard. Oui ou non ?
    You don't understand, I want to lunch. Now, not much later. Yes or no ? []
  9. Si, pero no ahora.
    Oui, mais pas maintenant.
    Yes, but not now. []
  10. Adios.
    Au revoir.
    Goodbye. []

May 27, 2021

Romanian 1, Practice 9

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I practiced exercise 9 this morning. It's a ~30 minute session of listening and speaking building on the previous practices. This one was rather annoying, practice pestering a lady... But I plowed through it and made the most of it. Anyways, via the lesson I learned some numbers via time teling and spuneti-mi and reinforced the -ul ending to denote a specific.

Spuneti-mi, stiti unde este strada Eminescu ?1

As dori sa si cumpar ceva.2

Da, dar unde ?3

As dori sa cumpar niste vin.4

As dori sa beau ceva cu dumneavoastra, dar nu aici si nu acolo la hotel.5

Unde este la restaurantul la Tiganci ?6

La Hotelul Palatului.7

La ce ora ? La unu ? La doua ? La opt ? La noua ?8

Mai tarziu, la opt ?9

Nu ati dori sa iau pranzul ?10

Nu Domnule, nu doresc sa beau cu dumneavostra.11

Nu la unu, si nu la doua, si nu la opt, si nu la noua.12

Foarte bine, acum inteleg. Dar, as dori sa mancati cu mine.13

Domnule, nu intelegeti.14

Cu nu inteleg ?15

Nu intelegeti Romanste, Domnule.16

Suge-mi pula.17

  1. Digame, sabe donde esta Calle Eminescu ?
    Dit moi, savez vous ou est la Rue Eminescu ?
    Tell me, do you know where Eminescu Street is ? []
  2. Me gustaria compar algo tambien.
    Je voudrais acheter quequel chose aussi.
    I'd like to buy something too. []
  3. Si, pero donde ?
    Oui, mais ou ?
    Yes, but where ? []
  4. Me gustaria comprar algun vino.
    Je voudrais acheter du vin.
    I'd like to buy some wine. []
  5. Me gustaria beber algo contigo, pero no aqui y no alli al hotel.
    Je voudrais boire quequel chose avec vous, mais pas ici et pas la a l'hotel.
    I'd like to drink something with you, but not here and not there at the hotel. []
  6. Donde esta el restaurante el Gitano ?
    Ou est la restaurant le Gitan ?
    Where is the restaurant the Gypsy. []
  7. Al Hotel Palacio.
    Au Palace Hotel.
    At the Palace Hotel. []
  8. A que hora ? A la une ? A las dos ? A las ocho ? A las nueve ?
    A quelle heure ? A une heure ? A deux heures ? A huit heures ? A neuve heures ?
    At what hour/time ? At one ? At two ? At eight ? At nine ? []
  9. Mas tarde, a los ocho ?
    Plus tarde, a huit heures.
    Later, at 8 o'clock. []
  10. No le gustaria almorzar ?
    Vous ne voudriez pas dejeuner ?
    You don't want to lunch ? []
  11. No Senyor, no quiero beber contigo.
    No Monsieur, je ne veux pas boire avec vous.
    No Sir, I don't want to drink with you. []
  12. No a la una, y no a las dos, y no a las ocho, y no a las nueve.
    Pas a une, pas a deux, pas a huit, pas a neuve ?
    Not at one, not at two, not at eight, not at nine. []
  13. Muy bien, ahora entiendo. Pero, le gustaria comer conmigo.
    Tres bien, je comprends maintenant. Mais, voudriez vous manger avec moi.
    Very well, I understand now. But, you'd like to eat with me. []
  14. Senyor, no entiende usted.
    Monsieur, vous ne comprenez pas.
    Sir, you don't understand. []
  15. Que no entiendo ?
    Que je ne comprends pas ?
    What don't I understand ? []
  16. No entiende rumana, Senyor.
    Vous ne comprenez pas roumaine, Monsieur.
    You don't understand Romanian, Sir. []
  17. Chupa mi polla.
    Suce ma bite.
    Suck my cock. []

May 26, 2021

Romanian 1, Practice 8

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I practiced exercise 8 this morning. It's a ~30 minute session of listening and speaking building on the previous practices.

Ce ati dori sa faceti ?1

As dori sa iau pranzul.2

Cu cine ?3

Cu dumneavoastra.45

Bine, cu mine.6

Ati dori sa beti ceva acum ? Ce ati sa beti ? Ati dori niste bere sau niste vin ?7

No multsumesc, nu doresc bere. As dori sa beau niste vin, va rog. Si as dori sa iau pranzul.8

Si eu, as dori sa iau pranzul la mine, dar mai tarziu.9

Nu la dumnavoastra, la restaurant sau la hotel pe Strada Eminescu.10

Bine, la hotel cu mine.11

Doriti sa iau pranzul ?12

Ce doriti sa faceti ?13

As dori sa cumpar ceva, sau nu acum.14

Ce ati dori sa cumparati ?15

Nu stiu, as dori sa fac ceva.16

Doriti sa cumparati ceva ?17

As dori sa fac ceva cu dumneavoastra.18

Ce doriti sa faceti cu mine ?19

Doresc20 sa te aud gemand.21

  1. Que le gustaria hacer ?
    Qu'est-ce que voudriez vous faire ?
    What would you like to do ? []
  2. Me gustaria almorzar.
    Je voudrais dejeuner.
    I'd like to lunch. []
  3. Con quien ?
    Avec qui ?
    With who ? []
  4. Contigo.
    Avec vous.
    With you. []
  5. I noticed in some prior practices I'd been dropping the e, fixed. []
  6. Bueno, conmigo.
    Bien, avec moi.
    Good, with me. []
  7. Le gustaria beber algo ahora ? Que beberias ? Le gustaria alguna cerveza o algun vino ?
    Voudriez vous boire qeuquel chose maintenant ? Que boiriez-vous ? Voudriez-vous de la biere ou du vin ?
    Would you like to drink something now ? What would you drink ? Would you like some beer or some wine ? []
  8. No gracias, no quiero cerveza. Me gustaria beber algun vino, por favor. Y me gustaria almorzar.
    No merci, je ne veux pas de la biere. Je voudrais boire du vin, s'il vous plait. Et je voudrais dejeuner.
    No thank you, I don't want beer. I'd like to drink wine, please. And I'd like to lunch. []
  9. Yo tambien, me gustaria almorzar en mi casa, pero mas tarde.
    Moi aussi, je voudrais dejeuner chez moi, mais plus tard.
    Me too, I'd like to lunch at my place, but later. []
  10. No en su casa, en un restaurante o un hotel en Calle Eminescu.
    Pas chez vous, dans un restaurant ou un hotel a Calle Eminescu.
    Not your place, at a restaurant or hotel on Eminescu Street. []
  11. Bueno, en el hotel conmigo.
    Bien, dans le hotel avec moi.
    Good, at the hotel with me. []
  12. Quiere almorzar ?
    Voulez-vous dejeuner ?
    Do you want to lunch ? []
  13. Que quiere hacer ?
    Qu'est-ce que vous voulez faire ?
    What do you want to do ? []
  14. Me gustaria comprar algo, pero ahora no.
    Je voudrais acheter quequel chose, mais pas maintenant.
    I'd like to buy something, but not now. []
  15. Que le gustaria comprar ?
    Qu'est-ce que vous voudriez acheter ?
    What would you like to buy ? []
  16. No se, me gustaria hacer algo.
    Je ne sait pas, je voudrais faire quequel chose.
    I don't know, I'l like to do something. []
  17. Quiere comprar algo ?
    Voulez-vous acheter quequel chose ?
    Do you want to buy something ? []
  18. Me gustaria hacer algo contigo.
    Je voudrais faire quequel chose avec vous.
    I'd like to do something with you. []
  19. Que quiere hacer conmigo ?
    Qu'est-ce que vous voulez faire avec moi ?
    What do you want to do with me ? []
  20. Looks like doresc is more deseo, souhaite, I desire. []
  21. Quiero oirte gemir.
    Je veux t'entendre gemir.
    I want to hear you moan. []

May 25, 2021

Romanian 1, Practice 7

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I practiced exercise 7 this morning. It's a ~30 minute session of listening and speaking building on the previous practices. Since there's such reptition in the exercises, this isn't exactly a fluid conversation, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Ce mai faceti ?1

Unde ati dori sa mancati ?2

La mine, nu-i asa ?3

Cred ca nu, nu la dumneavoastra. Dar as dori sa mananc ceva.4

Si eu, cand ?5

As dori sa mananc acum.6

As dori sa beau ceva.7

Cund ati dori sa beti ceva ?8

Mai tarziu.9

Unde ati dori sa mancati, aici ?10

Nu aici, la restaurant.11

Ce restaurant ? La restaurantul12 La Maria ?13

Da, bine.14

Stiti unde este restaurantul la Maria ?15

Este pe Bulevard Plopilor.16

Ce ati dori sa mancati ? Stiti ?17

Nu stiu.18

Bine, as dori sa beau ceva.19

Ce ati dori sa beti ?20

Niste bere. As dori sa beau niste bere la restaurant.21

As dori sa beau niste vin. Doua vinuri22 va rog, Domnisoara.23

Bine, doua vinuri Domnule.24

  1. Como te vas ?
    Comment allez-vous ?
    How goes ? []
  2. Donde le gustaria comer ?
    Ou voudriez-vous manger ?
    Where would you like to eat ? []
  3. Mi casa, no es asi ?
    Chez moi, n'est pas ?
    My place, isn't it so ? []
  4. Creo que no, no en su casa. Pero, me gustaria comer algo.
    Je crois que non, pas chez vous. Mais, je voudrais manger quelque chose.
    I think not, not your place. But, I would like to eat something. []
  5. Yo tambien, cuando ?
    Moi aussi, quand ?
    Me too, when ? []
  6. Me gustaria comer ahora.
    Je voudrais manger maintenant.
    I'd like to eat now. []
  7. Le gustaria tomar algo ?
    Voudriez-vous boire quequel chose ?
    Would you like to drink something ? []
  8. Cuando le gustaria tomar algo ?
    Quand voudriez-vous boire quequel chose ?
    When would you like to drink something ? []
  9. Mas tarde.
    Plus tard.
    Later. []
  10. Donde le gustaria comer, aqui ?
    Ou voudriez-vous manger, ici ?
    Where do you want to eat, here ? []
  11. No aqui, un restaurante.
    Pas ici, un restaurant.
    Not here, a restaurant. []
  12. -ul refers to a specific. []
  13. Que restaurante ? La restaurante la casa de Maria ?
    Quel restaurant ? Au restaurant Chez Maria ?
    What restaurant ? At the restaurant Maria's place ? []
  14. Si, bueno.
    Oui, bien.
    Yes, good. []
  15. Sabes donde esta la restaurante la casa de Maria ?
    Savez vous ou est-ce le restaurant Chez Maria?
    Do you know where the restaurant Maria's place is ? []
  16. Esta en Bulevar Plopilor.
    C'est sur le Boulevard Plopilor.
    It's on Plopilor Boulevard. []
  17. Que le gustaria comer ? Sabe ?
    Quel voudriez-vous manger ? Savez vous ?
    What would you like to eat ? Do you know ? []
  18. No se.
    Je ne sais pas.
    I don't know. []
  19. Bueno, me gustaria tomar algo.
    Bien, je voudrais boire quequel chose.
    Well, I'd like to drink something. []
  20. Que le gustaria tomar ?
    Quel vodriez-vous boire ?
    What'd you like to drink ? []
  21. Alguna cerveza. Me gustaria tomar alguna cerveza en la restaurante.
    De le biere. Je voudrais boire de la biere san le restaurant.
    Some beer. I'd like some beer at the restaurant. []
  22. The exercises prompted the ordering of doua beri, but personally I do my best to stay away from the swill. If I'm gonna drink, it's wine, liqueurs or liquor. []
  23. Me gustaria tomar algun vino. Dos vinos por favor, Senyorita.
    Je voudrais boire du vin. Deux vins s'il vous plait, Mademoiselle.
    I'd like to drink some wine. Two wines please, Miss. []
  24. Bueno, dos vinos Senyor.
    Bien, deux vins Monsoir.
    Good, two wines Sir. []

December 19, 2020

Romanian 1, Practice 6

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I practiced exercise 6 this morning. It's a ~30 minute session of listening and speaking building on the previous practices.

As dori sa mananc ceva. Si as dori si1 sa beau ceva. Ati dori sa mancati si sa beti ceva ?2

Da, si eu. Unde ati dori sa mancati ?3

La dumneavoastra.4

La mine ? Cand ?5

Da, la dumneavoastra. Acum.6

Cred ca nu, nu acum. Mai tarziu.7

Stiti unde este strada Eroilor ? Este aici, nu-i asa ?8

Nu stiu.9

Vorbeti Romaneste foarte bine.10

Nu, nu vorbesc foarte bine, dar multsumesc.11

Ba da, ba da.12

Inteleg putin si vorbesc putin.13

  1. And and too/also are the same. []
  2. Me gustaria comer algo. Y me gustaria tomar algo tambien. Le gustaria comer y tomar algo ?
    Je voudrais manger quelque chose. Et je voudrais boire quelque chose aussi. Voudriez-vous manger et boire quelque chose ?
    I would like to eat something. And I would like to drink something too. Would you like to eat and drink something ? []
  3. Si, yo tambien. Donde le gustaria comer ?
    Oui, moi aussi. Ou voudriez-vous manger ?
    Yes, me too. Where would you like to eat ? []
  4. En su casa.
    Chez vous.
    At your place. []
  5. En mi casa ? Cuando ?
    Chez moi ? Quand ?
    At my place ? When ? []
  6. Si, en su casa. Ahora.
    Oui, chez vous. Maintenant.
    Yes, your place. Now. []
  7. Creo que no, ahora no, Mas tarde.
    Je ne crois pas, pas maintenant, plus tard.
    I don't think so, not now, later. []
  8. Sabe donde esta la calle Eriolor ? Esta aqui, no es asi* ?
    Savez vous ou est-ce la rue Eroilor ? C'est ici, n'est-ce pas ?
    Do you know where Eroilor street is ?

    *I find myself more likely to ask, "verdad ?", i.e. true ? []

  9. Yo no se.
    Je ne sais pas.
    I don't know. []
  10. Usted habla rumana muy bien.
    Vous parlez roumaine tres bien.
    You speak Romanian very well. []
  11. No, no hablo muy bien, pero gracias.
    No, je ne parle pas tres bien, mais merci.
    No, I don't speak very well, but thank you. []
  12. Pero si, pero si.
    Mais si, mais si.
    But yes, but yes. []
  13. Entiendo poco y hablo poco.
    Je comprends un peu et pale un peu.
    I understand a little and speak a little. []

November 7, 2020

Romanian 1, Practice 5

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I practiced exercise 5 this morning. It's a ~30 minute session of listening and speaking building on the previous practices.

I learned that in Ro the conditional and optative moods are the same. The optative doesn't exist is French and Spanish, so the present conditional was used.

A helpful reader pointed out I was mixing up my French tenses in previous exercises, so I worked to clean that up here. I kept in mind to use the 2nd person plural in Romanian and French for formal address and 3rd person singular in Spanish.

Buna ziua Donule.1

Buna ziua Domnisoara, ce mai faceti ?2

Eu ? Foarte bine. Si dumneavoastra ? Sunteti bine ?3

Da, sunt bine, multumesc. As dori sa beau ceva. Ati dori sa beti ceva ?4

Cred ca nu, dar as dori sa mananc ceva. Ati dori sa mancati ceva ?5

~~Present indicative.~~
Doriti sa mancati ceva ?6

Nu doresc sa mananc, multumesc.7

Nu stiu.8

  1. Buenos dias Senor.
    Bonjour Monsoir.
    Good day Sir. []
  2. Buenos dias Senorita. Como esta usted ?
    Bonjour Mademoiselle, comment allez-vous ?
    Good day Miss, how are you ? []
  3. Yo ? Muy bien. Y usted ? Esta bien ?
    Moi ? Tres bien. Et vous ? Allez-vous bien ?
    Me ? Very well. And you ? Are you well ? []
  4. Si, estoy bien, gracias. Me gustaria* beber algo. Le gustaria beber algo ?
    Oui, je vais bien, merci. Je voudrais boire quelquechose. Voulez-vous boire quelque chose ?
    Yes, I'm well, thanks. I'd like to drink something. Would you like to drink something ?

    *"Yo querria" can also be used, but I've found myself using gustar more in the conditional. []

  5. Creo que no, pero me gustaria comer algo. Le gustaria comer algo ?
    Je crois que non, mais je voudrais manger quelque chose. Voudreiz-vous manger quelque chose ?
    I think not, but I'd like to eat something. Would you like to eat something ? []
  6. Quiere comer algo ?
    Voulez-vous manger quelque chose ?
    Do you want to eat something ? []
  7. No quiero comer, gracias.
    Je ne veux pas manger, merci.
    No, I don't want to eat, thanks. []
  8. Yo no se.
    Je ne sais pas.
    I don't know. []

November 6, 2020

Romanian 1, Practice 4

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I practiced exercise 4 this morning. It's a ~30 minute session of listening and speaking building on the previous practices.

Buna ziua Doamnisoara.1

Buna ziua Donule.2

Va rog, stiti unde este strada Eminescu ?3

Da, cred ca este aici.4

Multumesc, si stiti unde este bulevard Popular ? Este acolo ?5

Da, este acolo. Cred ca vorbiti Romaneste foarte bine. 6

Multumesc, dar vorbesc putin Romaneste.7

Dar da8, cred que vorbiti Romaneste foarte bine si sunt Romanca.9

  1. Buenos dias Senorita.
    Bonjour Mademoiselle.
    Good day Miss. []
  2. Buenos dias Senor.
    Bonjour Monsoir.
    Good day Sir. []
  3. Por favor, sabe donde esta la calle Eminescu ?
    S'il vous plait, savez vous ou est-ce la rue Eminescu ?
    Please, do you know where Eminescu street is ? []
  4. Si, creo que esta aqui.
    Oui, je crois que c'est ici.
    Yes, I think it's here ? []
  5. Gracias, y sabe usted donde esta el bulevar Popular ? Esta alla ?
    Merci, y savez vous ou est-ce l'boulevard Popular ? Est-ce la-bas ?
    Thank you, and do you know where Popular boulevard is ? Is it over there ? []
  6. Si, esta alla. Creo que habla Ruman muy bien.
    Oui, c'est la-bas. Je crois que vous parlez Roumain tres bien.
    Yes, it's over there. I think you speak Romanian well. []
  7. Gracias, pero hablo poquito Ruman.
    Merci, mais je parle un peu Roumain.
    Thank you, but I speak a little Romanian. []
  8. Sounded like "Ba da", used to contradict a negative. []
  9. Pero si, creo que habla ruman muy bien y soy Romana.
    Mais si*, je crois que vous parlez Romaine tres bien et je suis Romaine.
    But yes, I think you speak Romanian very well and I'm Romanian.

    *Used to contradict. []

November 5, 2020

Romanian 1, Practice 3

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I practiced exercise 3 this morning. It's a ~30 minute session of listening and speaking. There is much overlap from yesterday's practice.

I took the opportunity to also practice my spanish and french because they're cousins of romanian and I want to continue sharpening those. Romanian has the ~same rolling r as spanish.

Buna ziua, Doamna !1

Sunteti American ?2

Da, si dumneavoastra ? Sunteti Romanca ?3

Da, si ce mai faceti ? Sunteti bine ?4

Da, sunt bine, multumesc.5

Stiti Romaneste ?6

Putin, dar nu stiu Romaneste foarte bine.7

Scuzati-ma, va rog.8

La revedere.9

  1. Buenos dias, Senora !
    Bonjour, Madam !
    Good day, Ma'am ! []
  2. Usted es Americano ?
    Vous etes Americain ?
    Are you American ? []
  3. Si, y usted ? Usted es rumana ?
    Oui, et vous ? Vous etes roumain ?
    Yes, and you ? Are you Romanian ? []
  4. Si, y como esta usted ? Esta bien ?
    Oui, et vous ? Comment allez-vous ? Ca va bien ?
    Yes, and how are you ? Are you well ? []
  5. Si, estoy bien, gracias.
    Oui, je vais bien, merci.
    Yes, I am well, thank you. []
  6. Sabe usted rumana ?
    Savais vous roumaine ?
    Do you know Romanian ? []
  7. Un poco, pero no se rumana muy bien.
    Un petite, mais je ne sais pas roumaine tres bien.
    A bit, but I don't know Romanian well. []
  8. Perdoname, por favor.
    Pardonne moi, s'il vous plait.
    Pardon me, please. []
  9. Adios.
    Goodbye. []

November 4, 2020

Romanian 1 Practice 2

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I practiced Pimsleur's Romanian 1, Practice 2 this morning. It's a ~30 minute session of listening and speaking with a lot of repetition. I looked up the spelling following the audio. Below are the phrases I practiced written in all ascii because I'm not yet in practice of using the entire Romanian alphabet nor have I yet looked into transliteration.

Buna ziua !1

Ce mai faceti domnisoara ?2

Intelegi engleza ?3

Ce mai faceti Domnule ?4

Sunt foarte bine, multumesc doamna.5

Nu, nu inteleg.6

Sunteti Roman ?7

Sunteti American.8

Scuzati-ma doamna.9

Intelegi doamna ?10

Inteleg putin Romaneste.11

La revedere !12

  1. Good day ! []
  2. How are you miss ?*

    * Literarlly, what more do you do miss ? []

  3. Do you understand Engligh ? []
  4. How are you Sir ? []
  5. I am very well, thanks ma'am. []
  6. No, I don't understand. []
  7. Are you Romanian ? []
  8. You are American. []
  9. Excuse me ma'am. []
  10. Do you understand ma'am ? []
  11. I understand a little Romanian. []
  12. Good bye ! []

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