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April 1, 2023

A strong start to the week, month and quarter with more solitude and higher signal to noise ratio.

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Back in 2012, when I first ventured into the professional world as a commission only investment consultant, my appreciation for Saturdays and Sundays increased. Calling people in every timezone Monday to Friday was action packed and exciting, but I came to find my focus was more low level, grinding out call after call while people were awake and receptive, where ever they might be.(i) Saturdays I'd still make some calls, but I learned to find sanctuary in the solitude on the days starting with S. It became a time for reflection on my performance where I could review and revise my strategy at a higher level and consider changes that would make my efforts Monday through Friday more fruitful. I realized calling it "the weekend" was a bit anticlimactic and didn't quite vibe with my sentiment for those days. Who wants a good thing to end and moreover, who wants a weak ending ? Not me.

I decided instead I'd start considering Friday the final day of the week and then I'd flip the naming of Saturday and Sunday on it's head. From there forward they weren't the weekend, but the Strong Start, from which we get the first part of this article's title. As you might have noticed, today is Saturday, which marks the start of the week and if you're on the Gregorian calendar, today marks April 1st and thus the first day of the second quarter of the year, tempus fugit, indeed.

So what about this solitude and higher signal to noise ratio ? Well, I decided I'll be taking a break for a good while from the various messaging swamps I've been condescending(ii) to. I'm not sure how long at present, but at least a week. I realized about 19 months have passed since I went 36 hours with out checking the swamps, so I expect it will be a good reset, similar to the fast I started the year with.

With the reclaimed time and attention, I'll be writing more here and preparing for further writing down the road. Also, I'll be devising a better strategy and schedule for processing them when I do return. Something like, once at 11am, once at 6pm and aim to limit to 15-20 minutes to follow up on correspondence. So, if you've found your messages in the swamps are going undelivered to me, it's not because I'm in a ditch somewhere, but quite the opposite. If you absolutely need to reach me, I probably already gave you my business card with alternative methods. If not, you can leave a comment here.

And with that, I bid you adieu !

  1. I'ma kill the game and invite witnesses ;
    no death penalty, I'm givin' life sentences.
    Like keep grinding boy, your life can change in one year ;
    and even when it's dark out the sun is shining somewhere.
    Look here I pay dues, my own worst enemy so either way I can't lose.

    Premeditated Murder by J. Cole [^]

  2. 2023-03-27 19:49:01 Diana Coman : back on the topic of banks and the like, from my point of view it's basically bitcoin-businesses/people that *condescend* to that interaction (and sure, I'm all for very polite, peaceful and diplomatic interaction, can even have them save some face if it is otherwise useful) and it's just unfortunate that "bitcoiners" in general aren't really clued in enough to know where they are
    2023-03-27 19:49:02 Diana Coman : but that's another issue
    2023-03-27 19:50:09 Diana Coman : certainly, banks have utility, absolutely. The point is simply that their utility is to the extent to which they figure out a way to adapt to bitcoin, not from some imagined position of regulators/authorities over it, pretty much
    2023-03-27 19:50:09 Diana Coman : and seriously, what authority and prestige with the likes of svb, credit suisse and what else will follow
    2023-03-27 19:51:07 Jacob Welsh : (in other words yes, there's going to keep being a demand for interfacing and someone will be doing it, messy or otherwise so sure, be friendly and look for opportunities)
    2023-03-27 19:52:51 Robinson Dorion : and mind where the power actually is.


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