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May 6, 2024

Philosophy is laughter.

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If you fail to spend enough time laughing at stupid children,
you will spend all your time going to war with stupid men.

A big part of my early adulthood consisted of listening to Stefan Molyneux's Freedomain Radio podcast. Lessons learned there instructed several pivotal decisions in my life. For example, when I came to the conclusion my parents wouldn't listen to my feedback on the severe trauma I received at their hands in childhood, I walked away. I concluded that I'd be force to censor myself if I were to continue on with them in such manner and that'd essentially be a form of suicide for the sake of their feelings.

So, I went from speaking to them weekly since leaving for university to telling them I wasn't going to talk to them until I had seen some serious reflection on and healing of the traumas they regurgitated onto me and my sister. That they gave me a better childhood than they received and this was my way of raising the standards even higher. I told them this separation wasn't a matter of time, but actions. Two years later, I had observed sufficient growth from my mother(i) to re-initiate a relationship with them. I'll tell the rest of this story another day, but I think this is enough to show the impact his words had(ii) on me.

One 'cast of his that popped into my mind this afternoon was number 455, Philosophy is laughter. Specifically, that laughter is a powerful tool when confronting the evil impulses that emerge to keep one to from acting to become the best version of one's self. Paraphrasing,(iii)

"Oh, you think I'm going to sit around on ass wallowing in escapism and self-pity rather than marshaling every ounce of my energy to manifest the courage needed to prosecute my mission ?"

"Muahaha, mno."

This sounds like a useful Fabian tactic in the war I'm waging against the enemy within. When he tries to lead me astray, I will let myself laugh at him and get myself back on track. I suspect this will be effective in starving him out, laughter is medicine in the end, innit ? Let's see how it goes.

Lolz, FTW.

  1. To my father's credit he did a lot to help her in the process, but that was less visible to me at the time. [^]
  2. I've since dropped much of his approach as it was discredited by Mircea Popescu. Ultimately, the decision came down to, who am I going to trust, a "philosopher" who is English as a Single Language, or fellow who put in the work to read The Great Conversation in the languages those great minds wrote in ? Translation is treason and all that. As you might deduce, Stefbot, the self-proclaimed computer programmer also made it clear at some point* that staying in the Windows hell he was comfortable with made more sense than learning to run Linux because he just had to spend all his time getting his message out to the masses.

    __ __
    * No, I'm not going to spend any time trying to track it down. [^]

  3. A major issue with consuming this content is its orality, making it extremely expensive to search and reference. I did listen to it again on 2x speed today. [^]

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