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May 30, 2021

Romanian 1, Practice 10

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I practiced exercise 10 this morning. It's a ~30 minute session of listening and speaking building on the previous practices. I learned how to issue the listen command and the word for water. There was an intro to actions in the future with : going to + infinitive. Furthermore, that my spelling of take (lua) in the second person plural was incorrect in prior exercises --I kept the present, first person singular ! And then there was mult, as in much, which was suffisant pour aujourd'hui ;)

Asculta din nou.(i)

Voi bea niste apa.(ii)

As dori sa cumpar ceva.(iii)

Ce ati dori sa cumparati ?(iv)

Voi manca.(v)


Spuneti-mi ati dori sa lauti pranzul cu mine acum ?(vi)

Cund voiesti manca ? La trei ? La patru ? La cinci ?(vii)

Nu intelegeti, doresc sa iau pranzul. Acum, nu mult mai tarziu. Da sau nu ?(viii)

Da, dar nu acum.(ix)

La revedere.(x)

  1. Escuche otra vez.
    Ecoute encore.
    Listen again. [^]
  2. Voy a beber algun agua.
    Je vais boire du l'eau.
    I will drink some water. [^]
  3. Me gustaria comprar algo.
    Je voudrais acheter quequel chose.
    I'd like to buy something. [^]
  4. Que le gustaria comprar ?
    Que voulez-vous acheter ?
    Que quieres comprar ? [^]
  5. Voy a comer.
    Je vais manger.
    I will eat. [^]
  6. Digame, le gustaria almorzar conmigo ahora ?
    Dit moi, voudriez-vous dejeuner avec moi maintenant ?
    Tell me, you don't want to lunch with me now ? [^]
  7. Cuando vas a comer ? A las tres ? A las cuatro ? A las cinco ?
    Quand vas-tu manger ? A trois ? A quatre ? A cinq ?
    When will you eat ? At three ? At four ? At five ? [^]
  8. No entiende, quiero almorzar. Ahora, no mucho mas tarde. Si o no ?
    Vous ne comprenez pas, Je veux dejeuner. Maintenant, pas beaucoup plus tard. Oui ou non ?
    You don't understand, I want to lunch. Now, not much later. Yes or no ? [^]
  9. Si, pero no ahora.
    Oui, mais pas maintenant.
    Yes, but not now. [^]
  10. Adios.
    Au revoir.
    Goodbye. [^]

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