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May 27, 2021

Romanian 1, Practice 9

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I practiced exercise 9 this morning. It's a ~30 minute session of listening and speaking building on the previous practices. This one was rather annoying, practice pestering a lady... But I plowed through it and made the most of it. Anyways, via the lesson I learned some numbers via time teling and spuneti-mi and reinforced the -ul ending to denote a specific.

Spuneti-mi, stiti unde este strada Eminescu ?1

As dori sa si cumpar ceva.2

Da, dar unde ?3

As dori sa cumpar niste vin.4

As dori sa beau ceva cu dumneavoastra, dar nu aici si nu acolo la hotel.5

Unde este la restaurantul la Tiganci ?6

La Hotelul Palatului.7

La ce ora ? La unu ? La doua ? La opt ? La noua ?8

Mai tarziu, la opt ?9

Nu ati dori sa iau pranzul ?10

Nu Domnule, nu doresc sa beau cu dumneavostra.11

Nu la unu, si nu la doua, si nu la opt, si nu la noua.12

Foarte bine, acum inteleg. Dar, as dori sa mancati cu mine.13

Domnule, nu intelegeti.14

Cu nu inteleg ?15

Nu intelegeti Romanste, Domnule.16

Suge-mi pula.17

  1. Digame, sabe donde esta Calle Eminescu ?
    Dit moi, savez vous ou est la Rue Eminescu ?
    Tell me, do you know where Eminescu Street is ? []
  2. Me gustaria compar algo tambien.
    Je voudrais acheter quequel chose aussi.
    I'd like to buy something too. []
  3. Si, pero donde ?
    Oui, mais ou ?
    Yes, but where ? []
  4. Me gustaria comprar algun vino.
    Je voudrais acheter du vin.
    I'd like to buy some wine. []
  5. Me gustaria beber algo contigo, pero no aqui y no alli al hotel.
    Je voudrais boire quequel chose avec vous, mais pas ici et pas la a l'hotel.
    I'd like to drink something with you, but not here and not there at the hotel. []
  6. Donde esta el restaurante el Gitano ?
    Ou est la restaurant le Gitan ?
    Where is the restaurant the Gypsy. []
  7. Al Hotel Palacio.
    Au Palace Hotel.
    At the Palace Hotel. []
  8. A que hora ? A la une ? A las dos ? A las ocho ? A las nueve ?
    A quelle heure ? A une heure ? A deux heures ? A huit heures ? A neuve heures ?
    At what hour/time ? At one ? At two ? At eight ? At nine ? []
  9. Mas tarde, a los ocho ?
    Plus tarde, a huit heures.
    Later, at 8 o'clock. []
  10. No le gustaria almorzar ?
    Vous ne voudriez pas dejeuner ?
    You don't want to lunch ? []
  11. No Senyor, no quiero beber contigo.
    No Monsieur, je ne veux pas boire avec vous.
    No Sir, I don't want to drink with you. []
  12. No a la una, y no a las dos, y no a las ocho, y no a las nueve.
    Pas a une, pas a deux, pas a huit, pas a neuve ?
    Not at one, not at two, not at eight, not at nine. []
  13. Muy bien, ahora entiendo. Pero, le gustaria comer conmigo.
    Tres bien, je comprends maintenant. Mais, voudriez vous manger avec moi.
    Very well, I understand now. But, you'd like to eat with me. []
  14. Senyor, no entiende usted.
    Monsieur, vous ne comprenez pas.
    Sir, you don't understand. []
  15. Que no entiendo ?
    Que je ne comprends pas ?
    What don't I understand ? []
  16. No entiende rumana, Senyor.
    Vous ne comprenez pas roumaine, Monsieur.
    You don't understand Romanian, Sir. []
  17. Chupa mi polla.
    Suce ma bite.
    Suck my cock. []

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