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May 25, 2021

Romanian 1, Practice 7

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I practiced exercise 7 this morning. It's a ~30 minute session of listening and speaking building on the previous practices. Since there's such reptition in the exercises, this isn't exactly a fluid conversation, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Ce mai faceti ?(i)

Unde ati dori sa mancati ?(ii)

La mine, nu-i asa ?(iii)

Cred ca nu, nu la dumneavoastra. Dar as dori sa mananc ceva.(iv)

Si eu, cand ?(v)

As dori sa mananc acum.(vi)

As dori sa beau ceva.(vii)

Cund ati dori sa beti ceva ?(viii)

Mai tarziu.(ix)

Unde ati dori sa mancati, aici ?(x)

Nu aici, la restaurant.(xi)

Ce restaurant ? La restaurantul(xii) La Maria ?(xiii)

Da, bine.(xiv)

Stiti unde este restaurantul la Maria ?(xv)

Este pe Bulevard Plopilor.(xvi)

Ce ati dori sa mancati ? Stiti ?(xvii)

Nu stiu.(xviii)

Bine, as dori sa beau ceva.(xix)

Ce ati dori sa beti ?(xx)

Niste bere. As dori sa beau niste bere la restaurant.(xxi)

As dori sa beau niste vin. Doua vinuri(xxii) va rog, Domnisoara.(xxiii)

Bine, doua vinuri Domnule.(xxiv)

  1. Como te vas ?
    Comment allez-vous ?
    How goes ? [^]
  2. Donde le gustaria comer ?
    Ou voudriez-vous manger ?
    Where would you like to eat ? [^]
  3. Mi casa, no es asi ?
    Chez moi, n'est pas ?
    My place, isn't it so ? [^]
  4. Creo que no, no en su casa. Pero, me gustaria comer algo.
    Je crois que non, pas chez vous. Mais, je voudrais manger quelque chose.
    I think not, not your place. But, I would like to eat something. [^]
  5. Yo tambien, cuando ?
    Moi aussi, quand ?
    Me too, when ? [^]
  6. Me gustaria comer ahora.
    Je voudrais manger maintenant.
    I'd like to eat now. [^]
  7. Le gustaria tomar algo ?
    Voudriez-vous boire quequel chose ?
    Would you like to drink something ? [^]
  8. Cuando le gustaria tomar algo ?
    Quand voudriez-vous boire quequel chose ?
    When would you like to drink something ? [^]
  9. Mas tarde.
    Plus tard.
    Later. [^]
  10. Donde le gustaria comer, aqui ?
    Ou voudriez-vous manger, ici ?
    Where do you want to eat, here ? [^]
  11. No aqui, un restaurante.
    Pas ici, un restaurant.
    Not here, a restaurant. [^]
  12. -ul refers to a specific. [^]
  13. Que restaurante ? La restaurante la casa de Maria ?
    Quel restaurant ? Au restaurant Chez Maria ?
    What restaurant ? At the restaurant Maria's place ? [^]
  14. Si, bueno.
    Oui, bien.
    Yes, good. [^]
  15. Sabes donde esta la restaurante la casa de Maria ?
    Savez vous ou est-ce le restaurant Chez Maria?
    Do you know where the restaurant Maria's place is ? [^]
  16. Esta en Bulevar Plopilor.
    C'est sur le Boulevard Plopilor.
    It's on Plopilor Boulevard. [^]
  17. Que le gustaria comer ? Sabe ?
    Quel voudriez-vous manger ? Savez vous ?
    What would you like to eat ? Do you know ? [^]
  18. No se.
    Je ne sais pas.
    I don't know. [^]
  19. Bueno, me gustaria tomar algo.
    Bien, je voudrais boire quequel chose.
    Well, I'd like to drink something. [^]
  20. Que le gustaria tomar ?
    Quel vodriez-vous boire ?
    What'd you like to drink ? [^]
  21. Alguna cerveza. Me gustaria tomar alguna cerveza en la restaurante.
    De le biere. Je voudrais boire de la biere san le restaurant.
    Some beer. I'd like some beer at the restaurant. [^]
  22. The exercises prompted the ordering of doua beri, but personally I do my best to stay away from the swill. If I'm gonna drink, it's wine, liqueurs or liquor. [^]
  23. Me gustaria tomar algun vino. Dos vinos por favor, Senyorita.
    Je voudrais boire du vin. Deux vins s'il vous plait, Mademoiselle.
    I'd like to drink some wine. Two wines please, Miss. [^]
  24. Bueno, dos vinos Senyor.
    Bien, deux vins Monsoir.
    Good, two wines Sir. [^]

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  1. I'd written Donule here and a couple prior tries. A reader in the know pointed out it's Domnule, so fixed.

    Comment by Robinson Dorion — May 26, 2021 @ 18:08

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