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May 18, 2021

Bitcoin and Beverages at Baxter's, Part II

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Last November 11th, JWRD hosted an educational social hour and fundraiser for Rutland Country Club, aka RCC, aka Rutgusta. Baxter's is of course the restaurant in the clubhouse. The flier that was circulated is available here(i). We sold 25 $50(ii) tickets and 20 people(iii) managed to brave life and attend despite a local wuflu uptick from the floor(iv). With Jacob visiting on business early June, we're running it back for part two Tuesday, June 8th at 18:00 EDT.

Note: The time, date and price is firm. This article will be updated as sponsors sign on the line that is dotted, so to speak.

Part two will touch on much of the same material as part one, as the only thing that has really changed in the meantime is Bitcoin has continued its unyielding march towards global domination and fiats have continued, as expected, to deteriorate. This one will leverage RCC's spiffy event tent that fresh green mountain air and the sun's high position in our summer sky to be able to accommodate a wider swath of the community cool, curious people will again be held in the backroom of Baxter's (see comment). I'd like to see triple digits this time, why the hell not ? Furthermore, attendees will have a chance at prizes, but don't hold your breath if you're shooting for second prize steak knives. There is no second prize -- Bitcoin is for keeps.

Cutting(v) to the meat of the matter :

What are the reasons Bitcoin has emerged to become the strongest asset protection instrument in existence and meanwhile the best performing asset of the decade ? What may the following charts indicate about the past, present and future ?




Format :

  • A welcome drink to grease the gears and settle down.
  • A 60 minute(vi) presentation covering the following topics :
    • Overview of the key structural changes of the past few decades to international banking and law which have substantially diminished the value of traditional asset protection instruments such as trusts and private foundations.
    • What is Bitcoin? There is an abundance of hype and speculation, but a scarcity of understanding on the matter. An intro to the building blocks.
    • What are the reasons Bitcoin continues to grow in power and importance.
  • 10-15 minutes of questions and answers.
  • A social hour following with appetizers included.
  • All attendees can choose to shoot for an ace(vii) on the 3rd hole or sink a 60 foot putt on the 9th green(viii).

Logistics :

  • Time and Date: Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 at 6 p.m.
  • Price: $50(ix), includes a drink and appetizers. All proceeds are donations to the Rutland Country Club.
  • Limited Capacity(x): RSVP by Showing up at the Baxter's bar at RCC with your payment, putting your name on the list and at least locking eyes with Cal so he knows, 2) commenting on this article, 3) emailing, replacing the nonsense(xi) spam trap with "office") and stating your payment preference: Bitcoin, Cash, Check, ACH, Paypal.
  • Payment must be received to confirm RSVP.

Gold Sponsor(xii) :

Silver Sponsor :

All Proceeds are Gracious Donations to RCC :

Lucky-Skill Shot Sponsor : Brix Bistro


P.S. I'll be headed back to the isthmus of Panama before the end of June, so this is effectively a farewell party. How can ya not come now ? Hm ?


P.P.S. Have a sneak peak :

"What have we here laddie ? Mysterious scibblings ? A secret code ? No ! Poems no less. Poems everybody ! The lad here reckons himself a poet. 'Money gets back. I'm all right Jack. Keep your hands of my stack. New car, caviar, four star day dream, think I'll buy me a football team.'"

Don't be another brick in the wall, come get educated on what they don't teach in school.

Here we'll keep a running list of the attendees(xiii), to a) help me keep everyone straight, b) make it easy for Cal to know the confirmed count of plates of appetizers to make and c) honor the attendees and supporters and show the orderbook :

  1. Nick Maniery : paid via PJ Abatiell scholarship, confirmed he'll be there ;
  2. Nick Baker : bought 2 tickets last time, didn't manage to make it, confirmed they'll be there this time ;
  3. Nick Baker : bought 2 tickets last time, didn't manage to make it, confirmed they'll be there this time ;
  4. Ron Cioffi : bought a ticket last time, didn't manage to make it, has to check his social calendar to see if he can make this one ;
  5. Chuck Shomo : paid ;
  6. Joe Candon : paid ;
  7. Mark Candon : paid ;
  8. Matthew Serafin : paid via Michael & Rhona Dorion scholarship ;
  9. Michael and Rhona Dorion : paid for 2 tickets to be awarded as a scholarship ;
  10. Nick Ojala : paid ;
  11. Luke Steinke : paid ;
  12. Nate Foster : paid ;
  13. Steve Wilk : heard order for 2 tickets, not yet paid ;
  14. Steve Wilk : heard order for 2 tickets, not yet paid ;
  15. John Casella Sr. : will come if he's in town, will sponsor ;
  16. Collin Fingon : heard order for a ticket, sponsorship for hole in one and long bomb putt contest confirmed ;
  17. Eric Allen : heard order for a ticket, wants it charged to his account, but accounting hasn't yet sorted that out ;
  18. Dr. Peter Hogenkamp : heard order for a ticket, not yet paid ;
  19. Nick Ouellette : heard order for a ticket, not yet paid, will pay at the door ;
  20. Drew Drake : heard order for a ticket, not yet paid ;
  21. John Beerwoth : said he'd pay his financial advisors' ticket and his own if either are in town ;
  22. Steve Waite : heard order for a ticket, not yet paid, will pay at the door.
  1. Worth noting that flier generated zero "lay down" sales, all sales were closed through calls or face time (not that derpy crapple app, traditional face time like you used to do before you got tangled up on that ergonomic mess of a spying fondleslate you "can't not live without these days" and may in fact be reading from right now). [^]
  2. Fiat interfaces reported an open price on 2020/11/11 of $15`290.91/BTC, i.e. 6281 satoshi/usd (0.00006281 BTC/usd), meaning tickets were roughly 31`4054 satoshi (0.00314054 BTC). Although BTC was the stated payment preference, no one managed to get a transaction included in a block. Fiat cash was king preferred. The market value of those tickets in BTC terms is left as an exercise for the reader. [^]
  3. Of which, one (known around these parts as "whitehorn") became a client and we were also paid by a local group that meets regularly to learn about finance together to present the material ; perhaps more residuals from that one to come, we'll see. [^]
  4. This here green mountain state had some of the lowest documented positive test rates. I'll leave commentary on cycle threshold shenanigans for another time, but you've probably read all about it already, n'est pas ? [^]
  5. A cut is preferred to a slice, amirite ? For the uninitiated, golf slang about shot shape that is. [^]
  6. The alert reader will note part one was estimated to be 25-30 minute. In practice, this went closer to an hour, but ask anyone that went, were they not entertained educated ? There were even reports of nightmares ! Plus, Cal, Briz and the rest of the RCC staff expertly served those tasty caloric reinforcements just in the nick time. [^]
  7. Hole in one in golf slang. [^]
  8. JWRD client and RCC member Collin Fingon is sponsoring this through one of his companies or another, details to be firmed up ! [^]
  9. Arguably we should be charging more, but we're being nice :). [^]
  10. You'll catch us outside, but don't wait around to buy. [^]
  11. Dragon call Tobes ? [^]
  12. Last time we asked for $500, which goes straight to the club. If you want to sponsor and have your logo featured below, follow the steps above or reach me some other way if you know how. [^]
  13. Each list item counts for one ticket meaning the end number is the total ticket count, e.g. Nick bought 2 total tickets, not 2x2=4. If anyone has an issue with your name being here, tell me and I'll truncate a keccak hash of your name to symbolize you. [^]


  1. JEG Design is on the board for $500 as a gold sponsor. Wilk Paving is in as a silver sponsor for $200, just waiting on their logo. I'm not limiting it to two, so more sponsors are welcome.

    Comment by Robinson Dorion — May 21, 2021 @ 15:27

  2. The weather man is calling for a greater than 32 degree C (90 degree F for the locals) day next Tuesday. As we know, the event tent sits on the west side of the clubhouse under the setting sun. Thus, a hot evening, which in Slater slang could be described as, "hotter than a half fucked fox in a forest fire," and the fact the locals aren't pounding the bar making sure Cal sees them put the cash in the envelope to confirm their RSVP, we're moving it inside were we can have the air conditioned to our preference so we don't have to loosen our ties.

    What this does to attendance limits is unclear to me, but sign up and pay ASAP so it becomes not your problem, but that of the laggards who say they "want" to go, but wait to pay. Believe me, if we were shaping up for a sell out, I'd stick with the tent and say, "If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen, we on a mission." Windows open and windows close, now that the windows will be closed, you can learn to deal with it.

    Comment by Robinson Dorion — June 3, 2021 @ 15:12

  3. Mr. Wilk, RCC president and one of tonight's sponsors gave the green light to collect at the door tonight, here's the bullet-pointed essence described by yours truly, which I also sent to the RCC marketing people :

    Bitcoin and Beverages at Baxter's, Part II

    Hosted by Jacob Welsh and Robinson Dorion of JWRD Computing ;
    Sponsored by JEG Design, Wilk Paving and Casella.

    Presentation agenda :
    - definition of money ;
    - What means and what has meant US Dollars ? Why "...ain't a dollar worth a nickel no more." ? ;
    - What means Bitcoin ? Why is it important ? How might we know ? What are the tools and metrics to measure it ?
    - Concrete Example : JWRD Gales Bitcoin Wallet Demo

    Questions, comments, drinks, appetizers, business cards, laughs and maybe even some tears --the kind dreams, nightmares and wins alike are made of ; just ask Rodney-- are all on the menu.

    Lucky-Skill Competition Sponsored by Brix Bistro :
    - sink a 150 yrd tee to hole shot on historic 3 for $10k ;
    - sink a 60 foot putt on a to be revealed --yet sure to be-- icey green in classic Rutgusta fashion for $5k.

    Lucky-Skill competition starts at 5:50pm and will proceed accordingly.

    $50/ticket fundraiser, all proceeds to Rutland County Club. What can we raise, eh ?

    Updated information from Part I and if you missed the last one, don't make the same mistake twice !

    Hey, hey Lucky, you can't win if you don't play, n'est pas ?

    C'mon down to Baxter's tonight with cash in hand and money in mind !

    Cheers and see you tonight !


    Comment by Robinson Dorion — June 8, 2021 @ 14:35

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