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July 10, 2023

Work report for Jul 10, 2023

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Below is a report of how I spent my time today, the style is modeled after nicoleci's. I'll be publishing these by 23:00 UTC daily so as to be more aware of how I'm living and to be more accountable to myself and my partners. For actions after the 23rd hour, I'll include them in the next day's report.

  1. Alarm sounded at 9:55 UTC, "5 more minutes," turned into 50, derp.
  2. Journaled, watered plants ; 30 mins
  3. Exercise at the park : warmed up w/ basketball, pushups, pull ups, squats, single leg press, tib and calf raises, box/depth jumps, curls and tricep extension w/ resistance bands ; 60 mins.
  4. Write goals ; 24 mins
  5. Eulora2 chat ; 50 mins
  6. JWRD board meeting ; 90 mins
  7. Admin ; 1 hour
  8. Cook/Eat/comment on software versions ; 67 minutes.
  9. e2 chat ; 25 mins
  10. Weekly PECP report ; 20 mins
  11. Macrophage activity on LinkedIN ; 20 mins
  12. Dan Held | Follow Me To Learn About Bitcoin | 10 yrs in Crypto, 9 yr marketing leader, 2 Exits :

    "The #crypto OG legend, Andreas M. Antonopoulos explaining #Bitcoin" and embeds a clip of Derpo on Joe Rogan.

    So I wrote :

    Derpapoulos shilled the neo and bee scam and then had his head put on a pike.

    You can't be an "og" or a "master" without a WoT presence anymore than you could've "lived in the 60s without knowing how to use a bong", or how did that quote go...

    "Mastering Bitcoin" with no mention of airgaping, pshaw.

    Apropos : you're being herded.

  13. Update development timeline for PECP ; 75 mins
  14. Chat in various swamps ; 25 mins
  15. Admin ; 30 mins
  16. Meet friend/prospect at the Trump at 22:30

Total 9 Hours, 36 mins.

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