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July 13, 2023

Work report for Jul 12, 2023

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What I did today.

  1. Woke up at 11:15 UTC
  2. Exercised at the park : warmed up w/ basketball, push ups, pull ups, squats, tib and calf raises, curls and triceps extension w/ resistance bands, dips ; 60 mins.
  3. Write goals ; 26 mins
  4. Correspondence, follow up w/ people from last night ; 30 mins
  5. Dentist visit ; 90 mins
  6. More correspondence while waiting for doctor to make house call that never came ; 60 mins
  7. Siesta, late nights out catching up a bit ; 60 mins
  8. Walk to a meeting, make stop at bank for a payment ; 30 mins
  9. Update CRM ; 30 mins
  10. Caught up w/ friend/prospect ; 2 hrs
  11. Caught up w/ friend/prospect ; 1 hr
  12. Visit venue to nail down details for next Junto, have an app and call with family ; 30 mins
  13. Chat with Jacob about updated PECP development timeline ; 95 mins
  14. Stop by gathering where some acquaintances were watching kick ball game mainly out of curious re who'd be there ; 2 hrs
  15. Correspondence ; 45 mins
  16. Wind down and try to sleep by 3:45 UTC

Need to carve out more time for writing, kickball watching would've been easiest to sacrifice for it today. I don't even like kickball, went to see who was there, but could've left a lot earlier.

Total : 12 hours, 15 mins.

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