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September 26, 2022

Acest articol are apriori avantajul aliteralitatii alaturi.

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If you've done any degree of worthwhile due diligence into this phenomenon called Bitcoin, you've undoubtedly come across the string that makes for the title of this article. For the militantly misinformed here's a breadkeycrumb :

$ gpg(i) -k Mircea
pub 4096R/2FB7B452 2011-07-22
uid Mircea Popescu (Acest articol are apriori avantajul aliteralitatii alaturi.)
sub 4096R/16B8E32E 2011-07-22

Furthermore, you know what today is and why it's an important day in Internet history. Today is the anniversary of but one example of the greatness Mircea Popescu graced the world with and marks some 461 days since his passing(ii).

I'm not going to make the mistake of trying to retell his story ; for HIStory, is one of the great gifts he has left behind. I will say that without his dedicated and effectual efforts to protect it from the hordes of socialist scammers, it's highly unlikely the world would have a decentralized Bitcoin today. So if Bitcoin is important to you and this is all new to you, maybe take some time today and the next day and the days after to friggin' read some Trilema. Take your time, it ain't going anywhere. I've been reading and re-reading since about January 2015 and still not through it all. I might be a little bit retarded and at times distracted, but more likely than not because it's likely the most vast and certainly most integrated body of English text and perhaps Romanian too. In short, it's complex.

What I can do is seed you with some links, you could start with his CV or Diana's review of the Bitcoin category or JFW's top 130 picks or if you're into films, there's Trilematograf or if you have a mind for reading financial statements, there are the monthly MPEx statements, or, or, or... I'll leave it there not because there's not so much more I could link, but because I could be linking all day and tomorrow and the next+n and I don't want to ruin your fun in exploring the enigmatic mysteries for yourself. So go forth, start with an article or two and quickly find your browser tabs have gone exponential. Have fun, but bear in mind Trilema is for education and points will regularly be sinking into your psyche for your betterment, if you're brave enough to let them.

As that Eulora Message of the Day goes, "The world keeps ending, but noobs keep showing up as if the fun just started." Human kind's rich history is undoubtedly changed for the better for Mircea Popescu living in it, even if he was too big for the modern world, RIP MP.

  1. From the most famous FAQ in Bitcoin history, "Trying to be part of a cryptocurrency without knowing how to use gpg is like trying to be part of the 60s without knowing how to use bong." He then helped co-author a proper replacement of gpg. [^]
  2. Here are some other notable eulogies by Diana Coman, Nicole Renee, Aaron Rogier, Eric Benevides, David Francois and Pete Dushenski. [^]


  1. Multumim pentru asta!

    Comment by 304921 — December 18, 2022 @ 16:18

  2. colleague I am laev the developer of blockchain applications that the Republic of bitcoin protects . I need help in Costa Rica these people are scamming bitcoiners and dirtying the name of Mircea Popescu... I am the real laev not a copy

    Comment by LAEV — December 25, 2022 @ 19:43

  3. @304921, Noroc !

    LAEV, never heard of you, got a key and a link to these alleged softwares ?

    In general though, no one can dirty his name and no victim is innocent.

    Comment by Robinson Dorion — January 24, 2023 @ 02:35

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