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December 11, 2019

Heading TMSR OS

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With TMSR OS being the deliberate innovation and redesign of computing and me taking the call to head the project, it then follows I ought write out as soon as possible what I understand my responsibilities for ownership to be.

This is written as a starting point. As the work unfolds, I expect more responsibilities will become evident. The comments are open and welcome for feedback and corrections to accelerate my process of perceiving and prosecuting my responsbilities.

The first pillar to raise in is that I must be the coherent entry point of the project.

@Mircea Popescu

You're the coherent entry point, that's what you do, own it as such.

Thank you, Sir. The coherent entry point I must be then.

I re-read La Serenissima and Personal Sovereignty this morning and the identity being allodial property of the person point sunk in :

La Serenissima does not recognise nor will ever enforce any sort of claim of any entity that purports to impinge on the sovereignty of persons. No entity may claim rights to person's identity under this rule, and if they try to they're being the enemy and should be treated like the enemy. For all intents and purposes identity is allodial property of the person therein represented, and no convention may touch it.

And layering on the factor of the leverage of invested individuals the advantages amplify.

If project C has a decision making system formed out of 18 elements, which each obviously will require a separate pitch, as well as 39 groups formed out of the 18 elements in varying compositions, while project D has a decision making system formed out of one single person, we can say that D offers leverage and couldn't be bothered to mention C again.

The second pillar is tried and true management.

mircea_popescu: << nothing new or different, same old thing management always was. write a plan, get people to ~commit~ to parts, chase the commitments, reschedule as needed and so on.
ossabot: Logged on 2019-11-25 14:32:04 dorion_road: << my initial bias is to say, yes I want it. Before I take the claim though, I have to better understand what the responsibility of heading the project means.

How then do I interpret these into concrete tasks ?

1. Initial Tasks

  1. Write the plan.
    1. Implementing TMSR OS was an initial outline of the technical work to be done and with it came clarification on priorities and challenges.
    2. TODO Maintain a page on Dorion Mode for each of the 8 sub-components that provides context on the approach and tracks the status of the work done and to do.
    3. TODO articles to write below.
  2. Get people to commit to parts.
    1. bvt is on the kernel and taking December to test and report on Gales. The vpatches to the kernel bvt produced thus far may be sufficient for now. Integration of the kernel into the system is the highest priority in the short term (i).
    2. spyked is mapping the uefi-1/2 cleavage and aiming to test and report on Gales in December.
    3. ave1 is the tentative owner of the compiler and c library. I chased him Monday, December 9th and await his reply for a week or two. jfw has Bitcoin wallet work these next couple weeks, if ave1 hasn't committed by the time jfw's freed up, I plan to offer gcc and c library to jfw.
    4. lobbes is writing an article to explain his understanding of the gentoo ebuild system.
    5. Coreutils, Package management, install and process supervision and logging decisions will be informed by further testing and reporting on Gales and Cuntoo, lobbes' report and the discussion to ensue. Someone will have to take each of those.
    6. The Graphical Interface, is a big consideration for C library and the static/dynamic linking appraoch. jfw has a series of recipes for hand building the X11 stack on musl-dynamic, which could be a good starting point once the decision of how to package the build is approached.
  3. Establish the Initial Timeline for TMSR OS "genesis".
    1. In addition to the design decisions this includes every dependency of the Implicit Clients of TMSR OS to be V-ified.

2. Articles to Write (ii)

  1. Qualifications and best practices for contributing. Due to be published by Saturday, December 14th.
  2. Mission statement and long term vision.
  3. Reasons why it's +ev to contribute.
  4. Dependencies of the implicit clients of tmsr os.
  5. Re-state distribution. What does it imply for each person to maintain a code shelf ?
  6. Start on code shelf.

3. Regular Tasks

  1. Maintain my work plan and reviews (iii)

  2. Cultivate conversation in #trilema when it's my turn (iv).
  3. Read/Comment on all related articles.
  4. Read/Comment on work plans.
  5. Maintain a unified timeline of deliverables.
  6. Talk to people about contributing technically and in general integrating it into their operations.
    1. Defining the work and understanding what known parties want to commit will determine how much outreach on the technical front will be needed to start.
    2. Integrating TMSR OS into the operations of JWRD will be a primarily mechanism of talking to people about becoming operators.
    3. The new Panamanian administration is making an effort to attract the computer industry, working the meat-WoT to explore opportunities there will be a Q1 2020 priority.
    4. A strategy for growing hands remote/digitally needs due consideration.

4. Long Term

  1. Implement for leveraging in the process of raising the quality (v) and quantity of republicans, giving more reason for the elite to defect (vi).
  2. Stabilize development environment for Bitcoin, Eulora, Gossipd, etc.
  3. Leverage to develop a consulting business with lifetime support and/or full process insurance venture (vii).
  1. I don't estimate this to be a big job, depending on what bvt wants to do, helping spyked to tackle the uefi problem or helping stabilize the compiler and c library would be good uses of time to my eye and, of course, there's other options. [^]
  2. I expect this list to grow as I get into the writting, and suggestions are more than welcome. [^]
  3. Maintain weekly work plans and reviews on Young Hands. Publish monthly TMSR OS plans and reviews on Dorion Mode with January 2020 being the first* monthly plan.

    * I claimed I'd publish a plan for December, but counsel from Diana Coman has caused me to simply keep weekly plans this month and start January with the monthly. [^]

  4. Hold initial conversations in #trilema because everyone reads every line anyway, and where Mircea Popescu makes himself available to guide correctness. A #tmsr-os channel is looks like a good idea for new comers once the "genesis" has been achieved. [^]
  5. How much time will be saved once an OS with sound priciples that works is in hand ? [^]
  6. In my mind this principally includes less time and energy mining salary on imperial salt farms [^]
  7. As Diana Coman aptly pointed out, it'll all come down to the people :

    There is for sure a lot of potential in there and moreover having the TMSR OS in the first place is simply a prerequisite for being able to do anything like code review&insurance (in 2012 when I first read that article on trilema, my thoughts were precisely - yeah, great idea, except it would take rebuilding the whole environment from ground up because nobody can sanely provide insurance in the swamps). But as everywhere otherwise (and as I'm quite sure you know already), the crucial part is getting in the right people to do this with, on all sides and as it grows.



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