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December 14, 2019

Contribution Guidelines for TMSR OS

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The implicit clients of TMSR OS are the implementation tools of economy, i.e. medium of exchange (i), punishment gazette (ii) and public forum (iii), along with "the masterclass in economy masquerading as a video game".

Being a collection of software, the entire system is controlled by V (iv) , which has a manual genesis of it's own, to quote :

0x00] Software is the property of people running it, and part of the systems running it.
0x01] Identity is constructed, upon a fixed supportv, by others' view.

These absolutely true, universally valid and fundamentally correct principles mean in part that there is an expected value of every line of code that is deployed. Every line of code carries both risk and reward. A job of the operator is to evaluate his risk and reward exposure and the tools of contribution provide him leverage in that process.

All code in the system is a signed vpatch published by the authors on their blogs in articles which explain the modification. All vpatches and signatures are distributed on the code shelf of the author and the code shelves of any other signers of the vpatch who leave their seals. While there is no central code repository or central version control system or even a wesbite, the decentralized publishing and distribution system provides the operator of TMSR OS a basis to answer his guiding questions, "What is the cost/benefit of each vpatch ?" "What is the meaning, source and context of the text ?" This is the paradigm shift at the root of the redesign of computing, consider :

Used together with specialised scripts, V-genesis allows an agent to reconstruct a complete Bitcoin tree, verify its correctness, and manage his investment of trust at all junctures so that he is never required to implicitly trust either an unknown code author, or a code snippet of unknown provenance.

Exciting times, wouldn't you say ? As the old Young Hands m.o. goes, "Work on what matters, so you matter too." So then, what are the guidelines for setting yourself up to contribute to this process ?

  1. Install an IRC client and register a nick with #freenode (v) ; Jacob Welsh (WoT: jfw) genesis'd his IRC client, yrc.
  2. Register your RSA key (vi) with deedbot, see deedbot's help page for help.
  3. Install a V, Diana Coman's (WoT: diana_coman) starter pack is a good starting point.
  4. Maintain a blog (vii) where you :
    1. Maintain a code shelf ,
    2. Publish your work plans and reviews (viii),
    3. Publish articles for context (ix) on your vpatches,
  5. Maintain an IRC connection to converse with people (x) for context to sort out who's who and what's what.

Take your time to learn, but come out of the shadows sooner rather than later, you don't really stand to gain from manaloning. Go ahead and start by asking questions here in the comments.

Sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile tempus, singula dum captos circumvectamur amore.

  1. Bitcoin [^]
  2. Web of Trust (WoT). [^]
  3. The logs and blogs. [^]
  4. Linking to Diana Coman's latest as it provides context and preserves the predecessors, which she links to. [^]
  5. #freenode is not ideal, in fact, it's a known issue. Nevertheless, it's where the Republic meets at present. I link the article pointing out the problem in case you, dear reader, reckon you have what it takes to solve it. [^]
  6. GnuPG 1.4.10 is recomended for now. [^]
  7. At minimum the blog software should support comments, pingbacks, server side select a la MP-WP, and no SSL or javascript or captchas of anykind if. Really, you should probably just install mp-wp. It'll give you more practice with V and if Mircea Popescu (WoT: mircea_popescu), says it, "provides those last edges of extra productivity and intellectual leverage that convert exceptional performance into mindblowing performance" for him, what's it going to do for you ? billymg (WoT: billymg) has a vtree and guide and Hannah Wiggins (WoT: hanbot), Aaron Rogier (WoT: BingoBoingo) and Eric Benevides (WoT: lobbes) have guides published. [^]
  8. You probably already know prospective reporting is core to working with people. The minimum standard is aligning with the ancient MPex standard of one month, but some people publish more frequently. The bottom line is, tell people what you want to do, what you think is important and do it well. If your words don't match your actions, write about what you're doing to fix it. A few example plans are Lucian Mogosanu (WoT: spyked) for December 2019 and Eric Benevides for December 2019, bvt (WoT: bvt) for July 2019 and Young Hands. [^]
  9. Articles publishing a vpatch, should have context about the vpatch, your blog should also have articles to provide context about you. [^]
  10. The forum is vast and deep, a few years ago the recommendation was to read the logs for '6 months'. Meanwhile the forum moved to #trilema and licensed castles while the log is available via trilema, ossasepia and ericbenevides. [^]


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