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May 25, 2023

From the hammock, on agreements and shock collars.

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It was a sunny, cool, clear, quiet spring afternoon. I had just settled in to the hammock that hangs from the pergola(i) with a book in hand. A chica I'm curious about told me Los Cuatro Acuerdos is a meaningful text to her, so I laid there reading it en espanyol, por supuesto. There's a part that reads :

Domesticamos a los ninyos de la misma manera en que domesticamos a un perro, un gato o cualquier otro animal. Para ensenyar a un perro, lo castigamos y lo recompensamos. Adiestramos a nuestros ninyos, a quienes tanto queremos, de la misma forma en que adiestramos a cualquier animal domestico : con un sistema de premios y castigos. Nos decian, "Eres un ninyo bueno," o "Eres un ninyo malo," cuando haciamos lo que mama o papa quieran que hicieramos. Cuando no lo haciamos, eramos, "una ninya mala" o "un ninyo malo".(ii)

Suddenly, the symphony of the spring song birds was smashed by a string of barks from the neighbor's old, but energetic lab as she protected their house from the bureaucrat making his mail rounds. They have a chain link fence to keep the bitch at bay. Occasionally a rabbit will make the mistake of hoping under and pay for it with its life, like when they try robbing our garden and I'm in town with pellet gun locked and loaded. My neigbor didn't much like the barking, so threatened, "Lucy ! Quiet ! Do you want me to get the collar ?" I suspect she was referring to a shock collar and ol' Lucy shut right up.

I couldn't help but laugh at the circumstance and its timing, but that laughter turned from sadness to anger when I realized ol' Lucy understands English better than all the softforking, shitcoining scum who have the pretentious audacity to call themselves Bitcoiners. Whatevs, I took heart in knowing they'll get their collars in due time, as they wish, as demonstrated by their actions.

Then I laughed again.


  1. It looked something like this pic cca 2021 :
    hammock [^]
  2. In the universal doggerel this translates to :

    We domesticate children in the same way we domesticate a dog, cat or whichever other animal. To teach a dog, we punish and reward it. We train our children, who we love so much, in the same form in which we train whatever other domestic animal : with a system of prizes and punishments. They told us, "You're a good boy," or "You're a good girl," when we did what mommy or daddy wanted us to do. When we didn't do it, we were, "a bad girl" or "bad boy". [^]

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